The Benedictine Way – 2

The Benedictine monk vows stability, and this means he will stay in one place. He’s not on the move like a friar or a missionary. He can’t be whisked here and there like a diocesan priest. He stays put. That’s why a Benedictine, when asked will not just say, “I’m a Benedictine monk.” but “I’m [Read More...]

St Irenaeus

This quotation of St Irenaeus of Lyons helped to bring me into the Catholic Church: Therefore we will refute those who hold unauthorized assemblies–either because of false self importance, or pride, or blindness and perversity–by pointing to the tradition of the greatest and oldest church, a church known to all men, which was founded and [Read More...]

The Benedictine Way – 1

Here Starts a little series on the Benedictine Way The Benedictine Monk takes three vows: Stability, Obedience and Conversion of Life. The three vows are braided together like three strands of a strong rope. Each of the vows has a concrete expression. The vow of stability means the monk promises to remain in one community [Read More...]

Anglo Islamic Female Priest??

Damian Thompson reports on an Anglican woman priest who is also a practising Muslim. This follows an Anglican priest in England last year who was also a Hindu priest. There is a long tradition of this sort of thing in the Anglican Church. For many years there has been a strange phenomenon called ‘Anglo-Catholicism’. This [Read More...]

Recent Ordinations

Watch this slide show of ordinations in New York. Courtesy of the Franciscan Friars of Renewal. The joy you can cut with a knife… [Read more...]

God Not the Father…

The guy over at Catholidoxies has noticed that Protestant Christians in the mainstream are less and less inclined to refer to God as ‘Father’. He posts on this and expresses his reserve about this practice, wondering if it is heresy or not. Yes it is heresy for some very good reasons. First reason is that [Read More...]