A Spiritual Genius

I’m re-reading The Story of a Soul and I never re-read it without reading The Last Conversations as well. What I find so exciting about Therese is that she is so fantastically subversive. There she is as a little bourgeois French girl traipsing into the convent with little girly girly images of God and being [Read More...]

Time Flies

It is almost a year now since I started this blog. This week a new school year starts at St Joseph’s Catholic School where I serve as chaplain. In addition to these duties, I am the new director of RCIA at St Mary’s. I think there is going to be less and less time for [Read More...]

Good Question

A friend has asked me this question about the Latin Mass: What would you do Father if a group of parishioners at St. Mary’s or St. Joseph’s requested you to offer the Traditional Latin Mass regularly. The motu proprio is quite clear on what the Pope and the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei expects. Would you [Read More...]

Avast There Mateys…Arrr Haar.

For an interesting round up of famous pirates and news about a meeting in England of the descendents of pirates link here. My own ancestry is very holy (almost). Both sides of my family are descended from devout Protestant Christians who came to the colony of Pennsylvania from Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and England to pursue [Read More...]


I’ve just finished watching a Spiderman movie with my oldest son, and while watching it, I began wondering why it is that America has produced the cultural phenomenon of the comic book superhero. Popular culture is far more interesting to me than ‘high’ culture. I’m interested in what interests the vast majority of ordinary people. [Read More...]

Points of View

For those who do not have much interest in debates about liturgy, I apologize that this blog has become rather ‘liturgically obsessed’ of late. One of the things this debate has made me think about is the futility of argument in these matters. Some of my friends who love the Mass of Blessed John XXIII [Read More...]