Latin Mass in Vermont

Owl of the Remove has an encouraging post about an upbeat celebration of the Mass of Blessed John XXIII in Vermont. Sounds good. [Read more...]

Ancient Languages

I am still on a steep learning curve about the attraction of the Latin language in the liturgy. I suggested that the liturgy was originally put into Latin so that more people could understand it, and wondered if the fact that it was in Latin today didn’t rather defeat that original purpose. Someone was good [Read More...]

When I’m Right I’m Wrong

I have always been fascinated not only with religion, but with the games people play with religion. Having been brought up within Protestant fundamentalism I knew some very devout, sincere and holy Christians within that world. They really taught me how to live by faith. They regarded faith as a huge risk, and the greatest [Read More...]


I have deleted a long comment by my friend Jamie Bogle defending the Extraordinary Form of Mass–the Mass of Blessed John XXIII. I have done so for several reasons. First of all, comment boxes are for just that: comments. They are not the places to conduct long online debates. The place to do this online [Read More...]

Pope Re-Popes

Episcopal bishop Clarence Pope became a Catholic in 1994 then went back to the Episcopal Church. The Holy Whappers report his reversion to Catholicism here. The question of Anglican clergymen coming over to Rome and then going back to Anglicanism was one we faced from time to time in England working with the St Barnabas [Read More...]

Doctor’s Hat

I keep telling you Catholics have the best hats… [Read more...]