Ascension Day

Can anybody explain why Ascension is celebrated on Sunday here? Is the Holy Day of Obligation shifted to a Sunday in order to make it easier for people to fulfill their obligation or so people will get a chance to celebrate Ascension? It seems daft to me, but what do I know, I’m only a [Read More...]

Our Lady of Caversham

Continuing my little ‘May is Mary’s Month’ series of Marian shrines of England, here is a little known shrine: Our Lady of Caversham. For a very nicely written history of the shrine link here. Some folks underestimate the destruction of the English Catholic Church during the time of the Reformation. They think it was simply [Read More...]

Quite an Eye-full

Fr Nicholas posts some interesting photos of relics of the English martyrs. Have a look. [Read more...]

Ordaining Relativism

You can read my article in the National Catholic Register this week here. It’s about the arguments for women’s ordination in the Anglican Church, and why they were flawed. Do Catholics evangelize? This article reports on Catholic missionary work in Mexico. Over 50,000 young Catholics out doing door-to-door visiting among the poor. The Mexicans were [Read More...]

Mysterious New Blog

Owl of the Remove is a curious and eccentric new blog with a mysterious name by an anonymous English priest who lives in USA. Does he go in my blogroll as a UK blog or a USA blog? I think he should cultivate his mystery man status. He should also learn how to post photos. [Read more...]

Catholic London

Mulier Fortis blogs about her walk around Catholic London recently, while Fr Newman discusses liturgy at two of London’s finest churches: Westminster Cathedral and the Brompton Oratory.Is this how you start a meme? Here are my top five places in Catholic England:1. The Shrine of St Etheldreda in Ely 2. Westminster Cathedral3. Quarr Abbey4. Downside [Read More...]