ECUSA Bishops Kick Communique

For those following the ATC (Anglican Train Crash) you won’t be surprised that the Communique which came out of the conference in Tanzania a few weeks ago has been kicked out by the Episcopalian Bishops. The communnique was a last attempt to bring the Episcopal Church to heel regarding homosexuality. In it the bishops of [Read More...]

Let St Joseph Drive

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post on St Joseph on Monday. Fr Christopher has a beautiful St Joseph story. He tells how St Joseph got him into the Catholic Church. Here’s one from our family: My younger brother, Daryl had become a Catholic. My older brother, Don (Yes, all five of us [Read More...]

Modern Britain

Check out Auntie Joanna if you would like to visit a typical British town on a Saturday night… … arrived in Manchester late on Saturday night, and the city centre was lively with shrieking, shouting young people, many drunk, a few vomiting or slumped in pub doorways. With intermittent blasts of driving rain, it was [Read More...]

Satan’s Way

Go here if you would like to listen to the podcast of my sermon at St Mary’s for the fourth Sunday in Lent. The series is: ‘The War of the Worlds’. First Sunday is in text form. Second Sunday is a podcast: The Way of the World. Third Sunday is The Way of All Flesh. [Read More...]

The Gargoyle Code – 10

Hogwart, Slubgrip has ordered me to write to you about the sexual temptation of females. You should know that someone of my experience is far too busy to chat with juniors like yourself, but when Slubgrip exerts his considerable ‘charm’ how can one resist, or should I say, ‘How can one dare resist?’ I’ll be [Read More...]

Priest Poem

Lenten Incense The boy kneels as the Father prods the coalsthat glower in the thurible. The grayash sticks, then crumbles, shifts and falls away.The embers surge orange before the granules,like tiny jewels, are spooned onto the fire.It is a simple ritual—almost quaint–done with ancient courtesy and restraint.In the burnt brass bowl, like a little pyre,the [Read More...]