Suicide Attack in Gaza

Today’s reading from the Office of Readings is the story from the book of Judges of Samson pulling down the temple of Dagon on the heads of the Philistines. It could be yesterday’s headline: Israeli Suicide Attack on Palestinian Mosque… Except that the Jews seem to have learned a few lessons since Samson’s time, and [Read More...]

Latin Questions

OK, I’m not a liturgical expert. I’m only a convert, and a new priest at that, but I have been trying real hard to understand the attraction of the Latin Mass. Some time ago I attended a Latin Mass and enjoyed it up to a point, however, I have some questions. Don’t get me wrong. [Read More...]

Schindler’s List

One of the great things about Netflix is the availability of almost any movie you want to see. I ordered Schindler’s List and have just finished watching it with my teenagers. Pretty terrifying, and like the best of Spielberg, the whole film has layer upon layer of meaning.The subtle interplay of Judaism and Schindler’s Catholicism [Read More...]

Sometimes I Wake up Grumpy…

…and sometimes I let him sleep in. Is the name of a book by some sort of Christian Erma Bombeck humorist. It was a cheerful ‘Sunshine on the Soapsuds’ kind of book. I was reminded of it by a comment by someone who signs themself ‘anonymous old friend’ in my combox. AOF said that one [Read More...]

Aloysius Gonzaga

One of the most wonderful and interesting and amazing things about being a Catholic is that you keep on discovering more saints. I’d heard of Aloysius Gonzaga, but I’m afraid I first came across the name ‘Aloysius’ (and couldn’t figure out how to pronounce it) as Sebastian Flyte’s teddy bear. Then I happened into St [Read More...]

Down, but not Out

Sorry so few posts over the last few days. I’ve been on the go for over a year without a break. The last few days I’ve crashed. nuthin serious. Ahm jist tard. [Read more...]