Evangelical Catholicism

The Evangelical Catholic Institute in Wisconsin invited me to their annual conference last week. Their mission is: The EC’s vision is that the Catholic Church be experienced as a vibrant, evangelical movement. We work towards the renewal of individuals, campus ministries, and parishes through an emphasis on interior conversion, devotion to the Scriptures, formation in [Read More...]

Where Were You on Thursday Night?

Here is the grandest altar of repose ever created. This comes from a super blog from Manila in the Phillipines. In my opinion we need more of this sort of thing. It helps us scare off all purveyors of Greeting Card religion. [Read more...]

Memes, Magicians and Manichees

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter from my book Adventures in Orthodoxy on the resurrection. If you like it you can buy the book through my website here. Here goes: Chapter TenMemes, Magicians and Manichees … On the third day he rose again… Some years ago there was an Anglican bishop who was asked his [Read More...]

Pius XII on the Throne

Here’s the sort of cheerful grumpiness that the Roving Medievalist does so well. He grubs up some wonderful old Catholic tradition and gives the trumpets a toot. There is a magazine in England called The Oldie which does this sort of ‘grumpy old timer’ thing perfectly. I nominate Roving Medievalist as an honorary columnist. [Read more...]

Of Relics and the Resurrection

In the reliquary on the left you can see the finger bone of St Thomas the Apostle. On this day when the gospel recounts the story of his challenge to ‘put my fingers in the nail prints’ it’s sweet to see that the finger in question has been preserved as an everlasting memorial to the [Read More...]

Resurrection Perspective

What gives your life focus and direction? Death. Without faith, everything the natural man thinks, says and does is conditioned by the fact of death. In the face of our ultimate death we are, by default, either Epicureans or Stoics. The first face death and determine to gather from this life what little morsels of [Read More...]