Christ Pantocrator

I’m not sure where in the New Testament it indicates that Jesus is our best buddy. When I read the gospels he certainly went to parties, was sociable and was very popular, but he is always treated either with extreme respect or with disdain. Even with his apostles there is a distance. He loves people, [Read More...]

Why I Didn’t have an Abortion

This post gives some encouraging news from Britain on the campaign against abortion. It comes from London’s Daily Mail–a paper which, with the Daily Telegraph is most consistently anti-abortion. The campaign against abortion in Britain isn’t likely to be won in the courts, parliament or most of the mainstream media any time soon, but signs [Read More...]

Witnesses of the Ascension…

…so it did happen on Thursday! [Read more...]

Dwight Replies to David’s Show Stopper

You’ve uncovered another genuine show-stopper! At first reading it takes your breath away. Pius IX’s praise of Mary is high, but granting Mary high praise has been part of the fullness of Christian worship from the earliest ages of the church. While we’re slinging long quotations back and forth, allow me one: O noble Virgin, [Read More...]


h/t to the Roving Medievalist [Read more...]

David Discovers another Marian Show Stopper

I’ve been publishing excerpts from the book I wrote with David Gustafson, and today was going to publish David’s reply to my reply, but he already did it himself in the combox. Instead, here is another of his observations. He has problems with Pius IX’s high praise of Mary… I understand your point, and will [Read More...]