God Not the Father…

The guy over at Catholidoxies has noticed that Protestant Christians in the mainstream are less and less inclined to refer to God as ‘Father’. He posts on this and expresses his reserve about this practice, wondering if it is heresy or not. Yes it is heresy for some very good reasons. First reason is that [Read More...]

Independent Catholic Christian Church

Here’s a new one I hadn’t heard of before. They claim to be Catholic, but they’re independent. Whaat? From their website: We proclaim the faith of the Nicene Creed:Jesus Christ is fully God and fully humanJesus Christ saves humankind through His death and resurrectionWe celebrate the seven sacraments and preserve the apostolic successionWe welcome all [Read More...]

Clear Creek Monastery

The Abbey Church of Fontgombault You may already know of the new Benedictine monastery going up in Oklahoma. Its a monastery of the Solesmes congregation in France, and an offshoot of the famous Abbey of Fontgombault. I haven’t been there yet, but hope to visit next Spring while on a speaking tour of Oklahoma. The [Read More...]


First thing this morning my wife screamed, “The cat’s got a chipmunk!” Frodo (that’s the cat) had captured the little critter and brought it inside the house and was chasing it around our bathroom. The kids came rushing in to see the spectacle and Dad the hero got a waste paper basket and was chasing [Read More...]

New Music Minister for St Marys

http://youtube.com/v/Fz2aE6DvHDc News Scoop: Fr Newman has just appointed a new music minister for St Mary’s Greenville. [Read more...]

Daily Mass

Today I went to St Mary’s to celebrate the daily Mass at 12:00. I was busy. There was business at school and people to talk to. I was running late. The traffic was heavy and every traffic light was red. I arrived a few minutes late and felt bad because I had not left enough [Read More...]