My Evangelical friend David comments that a missionary friend of his went to Brazil and was dismayed to find Catholics there bound by superstition, Pelagianism (the belief in salvation by works) and the repetition of vain rituals to please a demanding God. What are we to say to such charges? First of all, our sincere [Read More...]

The Mission Impossible Team

Left to Right: Maureen- mission team ‘Mom’. John – very bright. Just graduated a year early, and off to Gordon College to study oceanography. A true eccentric, he wore long pants and long sleeves all week, and went to the prom with both he and his date dressed in outfits made from duct tape Norah [Read More...]

Sects and Jazzy T-Shirts

Last Saturday when we arrived at Greenville Spartanburg airport we had to jostle for a place to check in because there was a group of 70 Baptist young people wearing jazzy T-shirts with Bible verses on them. They were off to Nicaragua on a mission trip. When we got to Atlanta there must have been [Read More...]

Lean on Me

Some years ago I was part of a youth weekend at Lancing College in England. Their school chapel is a great neo Gothic church perched on the side of a hill. We wanted the young people to understand the poverty in the developing world, so we set them a project: they had to go into [Read More...]

Corpus Christi in El Salvador

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Mass at La Herradura

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