Another Anglican Priest Comes Home…

David Palmer, a former Anglican priest, tells a great tale going from a nominally Anglican family, to New Age hippy, converted by a Baptist, drawn further by Anglican Franciscans, ordained, next stop Anglo Catholicism, and finally Home to Rome. His story highlights the life changing witness and work of our Evangelical brothers and sisters. If [Read More...]


‘Apocalypse’ stands for the end of time, but the word also means ‘Revelation’. Was Mel Gibson making a prophetic movie about our culture, a heroic underdog film or just a good old action picture with more gore than usual? Some friends and I debated this after seeing the film a few weeks ago. My own [Read More...]

Now and Then

After my ordination a perky seventeen year old girl at school said, “Fr Longenecker, do you feel ontologically different?” A delightful question which goes to show the high level of orthodox catechesis at St Joseph’s Catholic School. A parishioner asked a similar question, “Does it feel different saying Mass as a Catholic priest than it [Read More...]

Missionary Witnesses

Some of my Evangelical friends argue that the Catholic Church is not a missionary Church. Amy Welborn has a post with statistics on the number of Catholic missionaries who gave their life for the faith in 2006. When we take the trouble to read the history of the Catholic Church we learn that in every [Read More...]

Heresy Poolside

One day last summer I got into a conversation with a woman at our community pool. She was an Evangelical Presbyterian, and was intrigued to hear that I was Catholic. Before long I got all the questions fired at me, and we finally got to Mary. The woman asked why we worship Mary. I said [Read More...]

The Little Flower and the Big Weed

In all the discussion of how terrible (or not) the execution of Saddam was, maybe we didn’t pray enough. Remember the story of Therese of Lisieux’s answer to prayer with the murderer Pranzini. If she was a human little flower he was a most noxious weed. Here’s the story: In the early summer of 1887 [Read More...]