Our Lady Eowyn

Tolkien loathed allegory. It was too obvious; too blatant; too literal; too dead. In allegory one thing means one thing and that’s it. Myth, on the other hand, is alive. It’s a real story with the real ambiguity and complexity of real life. Tolkien’s world is multi-layered and yet full of Christian meaning all the [Read More...]

Inspector Pio

A reader asked me if I had any idea who the patron saint of mystery writers would be. I’m sure I don’t know. I once had a book listing all the patron saints–which made a very entertaining read–but lent it to someone who forgot to return it. My nomination for patron saint of mystery writers [Read More...]

The Boy of Bisley

I have to admit to a quirky enthusiasm for conspiracy theories and eccentric historical legends. Have you ever heard the old tale of the Boy of Bisley? This is the story that the nine year old Princess Elizabeth was sent for safe keeping to the Gloucestershire village of Bisley to avoid the plague, and that [Read More...]

Ely Ely Lama Sabacthani

Roving Medievalist has this habit of posting pictures of places in England that I know and love. Here’s Ely Cathedral. Interesting facts about Ely:1.It’s called ‘Ely’ because it is built on the edge of vast marshes where they used to catch lots of eels. Yes, the English still eat eels. In the East end of [Read More...]

Two Actors Who Changed History

I picked up a copy of His Holiness by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi at Barnes and Noble in Washington last weekend. What a fantasic book! It is meticulously researched, objectively written and totally absorbing and fascinating. Bernstein and Politi take you into the corridors of power in Moscow, Washington, Poland and the Vatican. They [Read More...]

You’re It

I’m still not quite sure what the point of ‘memes’ are, but it seems I’ve been tagged by the Strong Woman to put down Five Random Facts About Me Alright then… 1. My big brag is that I met Mel Gibson and contributed a scene to The Passion2. I once wrote and performed a one [Read More...]