Olson and Vermes

Carl Olson comments here on Professor Geza Vermes’ patronising review of the Pope’s book on Jesus. Vermes is a Jew who was saved from the concentration camps by a Catholic family as a boy. He converted and was ordained a priest. Eventually he left the priesthood and the Catholic faith. Since then he’s made a [Read More...]

Skunks in Vermont

Tomorrow I’m off to Burlington Vermont to conduct a workshop for Catholic priests on preaching. i’ll be stressing the need for the use of stories in sermons. Faith stories incarnate the Truth, and everything from parables and fantasy stories to anecdotes and allegory can help bring the gospel alive and make it real for our [Read More...]

More Good News from the UK

Here’s more evidence that the tide of popular opinion is turning against the abortion free for all in Britain. A UK doctor was asked for an abortion by a woman 28 weeks pregnant. He refused. (the law in the UK allows abortion up to 24 weeks) When she returned a few weeks later he saw [Read More...]

Christ Pantocrator

I’m not sure where in the New Testament it indicates that Jesus is our best buddy. When I read the gospels he certainly went to parties, was sociable and was very popular, but he is always treated either with extreme respect or with disdain. Even with his apostles there is a distance. He loves people, [Read More...]

Why I Didn’t have an Abortion

This post gives some encouraging news from Britain on the campaign against abortion. It comes from London’s Daily Mail–a paper which, with the Daily Telegraph is most consistently anti-abortion. The campaign against abortion in Britain isn’t likely to be won in the courts, parliament or most of the mainstream media any time soon, but signs [Read More...]

Witnesses of the Ascension…

…so it did happen on Thursday! [Read more...]