My Perfect Hermitage

The Roving Medievalist has done me the service of finding the perfect property for my final retirement into the eremitical life. [Read more...]

With a Grain of Salt

Convert Peter has a great little post about the Pope. Like that song from Oklahoma! “With me it’s all or nuthin’, is it all or nuthin’ with you…” Peter says you have to choose about the Pope: is he the anti-Christ or is he who is says he is: the successor of Peter and the [Read More...]

Book Meme

John at Prodigal’s Rest has tagged me for this meme: Books I am reading now:1. Confessions by St Augustine2. The Third Secret – Steve Berry (an airport novel)3. Helena – Evelyn Waugh4. Cacique – a novel of Florida’s heroic Mission History – Bishop Robert Baker and Tony Sands5. The Jesus Inquest – Charles Foster6. Marking [Read More...]

Fit to be Thai’d

Andrew has gone to Bangkok, Thailand, and posts some great photos of the Catholic Churches there. This is my favorite, but have a look here at the others. Some are pretty conventional modern Catholic Churches. Others are traditional in a Western style. The most interesting ones combine oriental idiom in architecture with Christian tradition. What [Read More...]

The First Mega Church

[Read more...]


Summer vacation has arrived and I’ve got loads to do. After tidying up from the loose ends at school, I’m heading for El Salvador on Saturday for a week. I’m leading a school mission trip to help at the CIDECO community. CIDECO is a village built with help from the papal foundation. The poorest of [Read More...]