Of Liberals and Lifeboats

I reported last week on the continuing problems in the worldwide Anglican communion. The Washington Times and New York Times have both picked up the story. The Falls Church Rector, John Yates, talks about the ship of the Anglican Church breaking up and how they are looking for lifeboats. What a shame conservative Evangelical Anglicans [Read More...]

Babes and Protestants

I went into school as a ‘Man in Black’ for the first time yesterday. The kids were enthusiastic. One sixteen year old girl squealed, ‘Doesn’t he look cute??!!’ A seventh grade boy had attended the ordination the night before and said, ‘Fr Dwight, that Mass was awesome! That part where you were on the floor [Read More...]

Ordination photographs

More photos of my ordination can be viewed at this Greenville News website. It was truly a splendid event. The liturgy at St Mary’s is enviable, and has been praised by George Weigel. Check out the chapter on St Mary’s in his book Letters to a Young Catholic. [Read more...]


Deo Gratias! [Read more...]

Tucked Away

Thirty years ago I was a student at Bob Jones University. On Saturdays we were allowed to do part time work for residents of Greenville to earn extra money. We lined up on the pavement and cars pulled up with folks who needed odd jobs done. One morning I got in the front seat and [Read More...]

The Home Stretch

Thirteen years ago I stood at the altar as an Anglican priest in my beautiful medieval church not believing what I was doing. I had come to believe in the real presence of Our Lord’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist, but it was not present in my church, but in the chapel of the [Read More...]