New Man

Here’s a Newman quote for you: If Christianity is both social and dogmatic, and intended for all ages, it must, humanly speaking, have an infallible expounder, else you will secure unity of form at the loss of unity of doctrine, or unity of doctrine at the lost of unity of form you will have to [Read More...]


I met Paul Lew at a Youth2000 conference in England a few years ago. He was a smart young Catholic who already had a college degree, and he had just been asked to leave seminary in England because he was ‘too rigid.’ Paul went out to work in the Phillipines with the poor, met some [Read More...]

Join the Club

Remember Groucho Marx’ quip that he wouldn’t want to join a club that would have him as a member… It reminds me of a curious fact about belonging to the Catholic Church. there is a desire in the human heart that want wants to belong to the club. We want to sit at the high [Read More...]

Taking Holy Orders

I once joked to a priest friend, “You say you took Holy Orders as a celibate. As a married man I have to take holy orders everyday. My wife orders me to do this and orders me to do that…’ By God’s grace I was ordained deacon yesterday in the Cathedral of St John the [Read More...]

Honorary Doctorates and Old Boots

Has anyone noticed that Protestant preachers like Dr Bob Jones Jr and Dr Jerry Falwell aren’t shy about using their doctorates as titles of respect? Maybe Catholics could pick up on this custom and start referring to Doctor of the Church, St Therese of Liseux as “Dr. Therese Martin” What about “Dr Teresa Avila” or [Read More...]

Affirm not Deny

A favorite maxim of mine is by the Victorian English liberal F.D.Maurice. He wrote, A man is most often right in what he affirms and wrong in what he denies. It is a dangerous saying, and the more you think about it, the more it makes you stand the world on its head. So often [Read More...]