Truly Catholic Deeply

If you want to see a truly Catholic movie watch Hardball with Keanu Reeves. It’s not about a saint. It’s about a sinner. Reeves plays Connor O’Neil, a young guy with just about every problem you can get: unemployed, gambling addict, drink problem, drugs problem, truth problem…you name it. To avoid the guys with the [Read More...]

Tolkien on Awful Liturgy

Roving Medievalist weighs in on the lessons learned from awful liturgy. He quotes Tolkien on the subject. Check it out. This quote not only makes the main point, but it reminds us that awful liturgy, venal priests, silly music and human frailty have always been with us. I sometimes get the impression from the extreme [Read More...]

Like the Birds of the Air

The birds have no bordersthey call no country ‘home’.Their range is the wide skyboundless in blue and calm.They travel light, withoutpassports or visas signed.Checkpoints and border guardsnever stop their kind.They have no roads or traffic;their routes remain unplanned,except by the stars and sun,the seasons and the wind.The birds fly free over land,and widely they roam.they [Read More...]

Learning from the Liturgy

There’s been a fair bit of comment about fine liturgy and the lamentable state of liturgical practice. I’m on the side of those who want to improve things, and have enough Catholic liturgical horror stories to write a book. Top of the list was the old Irish priest in Northern England who used to wipe [Read More...]

Getting Grumpy

I can tell that Lent is starting to bite because I am getting grumpy. Part of it is the fasting. I always get grumpy when I’m hungry. But there is more to it than that. I’m determined to engage in the spiritual battle. I’m trying to pray more, and I believe when we really try [Read More...]

The Church Mediocre

Among converts and those thinking of converting and those who are thinking of converting but denying it, there is a lot of talk about how awful the Catholic Church is when you actually stop reading books of apologetics and visit the local branch. Here you thought it was the Church Militant and it seems like [Read More...]