Church of the Atonement blog

Church of the Atonement is the founding church of the Catholic Anglican Use parishes. Their priest, Fr Christopher Phillips, has a new blog. Read about his conversion story, became one of the first pastoral provision priests and started the most well known Latin Rite, Anglican Use parish. There’s going to be a conference in a [Read More...]

More from the Catholic Body shop

Some time ago we were made aware of the Pope’s Cologne. I’m now pleased to say that David Palmer has discovered a Catholic line in lip balm. Key marketing verse for Catholic lip balm: …Job 8:21 “Till he fill thy mouth with laughing, and thy lips with rejoicing. Buy some today! [Read more...]

How Sweet it is…

I don’t know if it’s universal youth slang yet, but the kids at St Joseph’s use the word ‘sweet’ for ‘that’s cool!’ I’ll tell you what’s sweet… I have been a Catholic priest now for two months. It is the most amazing and wonderful gift. Brothers, do not fail to respond to God’s call to [Read More...]

Sly and the Family… (built on the Rock)

Following my post about the future of the continuing churches; today I received the following news about one of the founders of the Charismatic Episcopal Church. Think what a great gift it would be if more Evangelical Anglians were to enter the Catholic Church! We need them, their gifts and their love for the Lord. [Read More...]

East Saves West?

UPDATE: Mark at Rise and Pray posts on the plight of the migrant workers from Eastern Europe in the UK. This article in The Times of London is important not so much for the fact that the Catholic Church is on the ascendant in England, but for three other important factors that the journalist misses. [Read More...]

Anglican Bishops Worldwide – a Prophecy

My first entry into liturgical, historical Christianity was in a little Episcopal breakaway church in Greenville, South Carolina called deliciously, The Holy Trinity Anglican Orthodox Church. The little congregation of conservative former Episcopalians belonged to a denomination based in North Carolina founded by Bishop James Parker Dees. The Anglican Orthodox Church was regarded as a [Read More...]