O Felix Culpa

One of the good things about Netflix is that you can get minor movies that are only a few years old to watch again. I don’t think Pleasantville was too hot at the box office, but like Groundhog Day, it is a fascinating fantasy film with strong theological themes. The plot involves two contemporary teenagers [Read More...]

Moral Morass

A friend recently said that his brother, who is training to be a Baptist pastor, has got engaged to his soon to be third wife. The second marriage only lasted two years. It brought to mind a conversation with another former Anglican priest friend a few years back who had just exited the Anglican Church. [Read More...]

Great and Whinderous

More about the curious case of the blogged, but not blogging English priest, the increasingly famous Fr Whinder. Yes, that’s him on the left just last Sunday with a priest friend after Mass outside a church in London. He was spotted by Dunadan. Try to resist the temptation to compare these two reverend gentlemen to [Read More...]

Indy Rides Again

The news that Indiana Jones is to ride again makes me wonder if others have picked up on the ‘Christian quest’ reading of the famous film trilogy. To understand this sub theme you have to put the films in chronological story order…not in the order in which they were made. First of all we see [Read More...]

Most Important Belief

Today I was interviewed by a newspaper reporter who, it turned out, was a fellow Bob Jones University graduate. Among other set questions she asked, “What is your most important belief?” My reply: For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish, [Read More...]


I hadn’t read a Graham Greene novel in years, but remembering the tale of the ‘whiskey priest’ in The Power and the Glory I got it down and re-read it last week. I can remember reading Greene as an Anglican student and asking my Catholic friend, June Reynolds what she thought of him. She chuckled [Read More...]