Catholic London

Mulier Fortis blogs about her walk around Catholic London recently, while Fr Newman discusses liturgy at two of London’s finest churches: Westminster Cathedral and the Brompton Oratory.Is this how you start a meme? Here are my top five places in Catholic England:1. The Shrine of St Etheldreda in Ely 2. Westminster Cathedral3. Quarr Abbey4. Downside [Read More...]

LOTR Musical–a Big Myth-take?

London’s Daily Telegraph reports the success of Lord of the Rings–the Musical. I can hear the purists moaning already, and wading in with wisecracks. Will we have tap dancing hobbits? Orcs doing a soft shoe number? Will there be a romantic duet between Aragorn and Arwen? Will Pippin and Merry provide the light relief and [Read More...]

Bl. Damien of Molokai

Is there anyone who doubts if the Catholic Church has heroic missionaries? Today is the Memorial of Blessed Damien of Molokai. Tomorrow at our school mass I will tell the students about his life.Lepers Adoring the Hidden Face of ChristIt is a little known fact that Father Damien laboured to established perpetual adoration of the [Read More...]

Transubstantiation across the Ether?

London’s Daily Telegraph reports the idea that Brazilian bishops want Mass to be able to be celebrated online. Can somebody explain what this is all about? Shorely there is shome mishtake? It reminds me of how the TV Evangelist Ernest Angeley used to scream, “Heal! Heal!” at the TV cameras and invite the listeners at [Read More...]

Sola Kevin

Some time ago an acquaintance from my Protestant fundamentalist days was in touch by email. Kevin is now a Baptist pastor working on his PhD. He wished to engage me in conversation to help me see my way out of the murky waters of Catholicism into the pure clear light of his religion. I had [Read More...]

Habitual Witness

A conversation: Bob: Father, did you wear your black clerical gear to that family wedding on the weekend. Fr. Dwight: No Bob: What! Why not? Fr. Dwight: I didn’t want to scare the horses. Bob: V. funny. Okay, so most of the family are Protestants of various stripes. You were worried about offending them? Fr. [Read More...]