Size Matters

Over at Pontifications there is an interesting thread about Anglicans converting to Catholicism. It is easy to compare the two churches, thinking that they are pretty much the same, and forgetting that the Catholic Chuch is simply much, much larger than the Anglican Church. Fr. Newman chucks out this statistic: there are more Catholics at [Read More...]

UK Catholic Bloggers Meet

Last night in London, England the inner circle of UK Catholic bloggers met to plan their takeover of the world of Catholic blogging. In this rare photograph, the highly secretive cabal can be seen for the first time. Left to right are Fr.Nicholas of Roman Miscellany The mysterious conversant with cows, Dunadan, Fr Tim Finigan, [Read More...]

Gargoyle Code – 11

It’s true my patient has agreed to go to a Healing Mass Hogwart, but you needn’t gloat quite so much. I’m not sure how you found out, but I expect you are already building up a network of sneaks and fiends who will sell their best friend for the assurance of promotion. Don’t worry; I [Read More...]

Quo Vadis Anglicans?

There is a telling comment by Anglican theologian Ephraim Radner. He finally admits that those who wish to follow the historic Christian faith are not welcome in ECUSA. So that’s news? Anyway, Fr.Al Kimmel has a good post in reply with a good stream of comments about the future for orthodox Anglicans. I know many [Read More...]

ECUSA Bishops Kick Communique

For those following the ATC (Anglican Train Crash) you won’t be surprised that the Communique which came out of the conference in Tanzania a few weeks ago has been kicked out by the Episcopalian Bishops. The communnique was a last attempt to bring the Episcopal Church to heel regarding homosexuality. In it the bishops of [Read More...]

Let St Joseph Drive

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post on St Joseph on Monday. Fr Christopher has a beautiful St Joseph story. He tells how St Joseph got him into the Catholic Church. Here’s one from our family: My younger brother, Daryl had become a Catholic. My older brother, Don (Yes, all five of us [Read More...]