Get Poor

Here’s a link to the podcast of my homily on Sunday. It’s about the beatitudes and how to get poor. [Read more...]

Incorruptible…that’s what you are…

Strong Woman has prompted me to tell my St Bernadette story. This happened the summer of 1987 when (still an Anglican priest) I took three months to make a pilgrimage hitch-hiking from England to Jerusalem…staying in monasteries and convents en route. I arrived in Nevers tired, hot and dusty after a discouraging day. My arrival [Read More...]

How to Be a Spiritual Hero

A quick post from Immaculate Conception Seminary in Newark, New Jersey, where I have come to lead one of my Spiritual Hero retreats. In these retreats I show how the hero’s quest in great stories provides a map for the spiritual journey. I mostly draw on The Lord of the Rings and illustrate my points [Read More...]

Little Holy Trinity

These three remain: Faith, Hope and Love. These everlasting virtues form a little incarnated Holy Trinity. The three are intertwined and co-mingled. They are three persons but one unity. Faith is not faith without hope and love, and hope is not hope without faith and love, and love is not love without faith and hope. [Read More...]

Shawshank Redemption

My favorite film: Shawshank Redemption. Here’s a film that’s worth watching over and over. The script, the acting, the cinematography, the symbolism, the music, everything comes together perfectly in a cinematic experience that rocks the boat for me every time I see it. I could write oodles on this film. Just go watch it if [Read More...]

A group of bloggers from the Catherine of Siena Institute for Evangelization have a great post on how Eucharistic Adoration can evangelize. A similar thing happened to me. At a Catholic Youth Conference a room full of young people were on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament. They were praying with one arm outstretched towards [Read More...]