Ash Wednesday

Because I do not hope to turn againBecause I do not hopeBecause I do not hope to turnDesiring this man’s gift and that man’s scopeI no longer strive to strive towards such things(Why should the ag├Ęd eagle stretch its wings?)Why should I mournThe vanished power of the usual reign? Because I do not hope to [Read More...]

Mercy Me

Here’s the link to the podcast of my homily for 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time…all about Gollum, Frodo and what it means to be merciful. After Mass a literary type was enthusiastic…”C.S.Lewis, Tolkien and Shakespeare in one sermon! Wow!” He missed the T.S.Eliot. But hey, I’m a one trick pony. Those are the only four [Read More...]

Of Chocolates and Contraceptives

For those who enjoy the English sense of humour (note spelling all you Brits) Fr Tim Finigan relates a tale from Oxford. The story has to do with the early attempts to sell contraceptives more widely in Britain. Now, of course, condoms are handed out willy nilly (‘scuse the rude pun Brits) in schools, shops, [Read More...]

In These Signs Conquer

Hat tip to Radical Catholic Mom for this link to a witty ecumencial dialogue for Ash Wednesday. Check out this conversation between Baptist, Catholic and Pentecostal. It reminds me of a story I heard about a Baptist pastor who was exploring more liturgical stuff with his congregation. Before Christmas he introduced them to Advent, had [Read More...]

The Archbishop’s Steering Committee

Who’s directing whom? Ruth Gledhill of The Times of London gets to the heart of the matter in the communique from the Anglican Primates meeting in Tanzania. Despite the gooey language, the Anglican Communion has rapped the knuckles of the Episcopal Church and called for action. Gledhill’s article includes the whole communique. I have to [Read More...]

One Flock One Shepherd

Just what did Jesus mean when he said there was to be “one flock and one shepherd”? (John 10:16) This is in the context of his extended parable of the Good Shepherd, and Jesus Christ himself is clearly the Good Shepherd. He says so in verse 14. What interests me about this passage is that [Read More...]