Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned

Last night we had a penitential service at St Mary’s. It was my first opportunity to hear confessions. What a beautiful sacrament this is! The church was full. Six priests heard confessions for nearly two hours. Young and old, male and female, people from every ethnic background, all came to open their hearts to God [Read More...]

Pearce, Lewis and the Catholic Church

If you have been following the recent posts you will be interested in the best book on the subject of C.S.Lewis and the Catholic Church. Written by the excellent biographer Joseph Pearce, the book explores the great question, why Lewis never joined the Catholic Church. It delves into Lewis’ Ulster Protestant background, compares ‘Mere’ and [Read More...]

Letter to Lewis

Dear Professor Lewis, Over the years I have read your books with delight. I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Your mixture of wit, common sense and vast learning has instructed and inspired me, and the simple beauty of your vision and clarity of your writing has lifted me up and not a few [Read More...]

Letter to Lubelfeld

Dear Nicholas, I hope you don’t mind if I comment on your reply to my fellow Catholic’s invitation to join us. I’m truly sorry you cannot make the step to full communion with the Catholic Church, and I think I understand your position. However, your very polite letter does raise questions in my own mind, [Read More...]

More Snaps

If you are a glutton for photos of my ordination and first Mass there are loads on the St Joseph’s School website. Just link here and then advance through. [Read more...]

What Would Jack Do?

In a recent post I invited agonizing Anglicans to consider again the claims of the Catholic Church, and to climb aboard the great cruise ship Queen Mary (Captain Peter at the helm) rather than their own lifeboat solution. David Gustafson is the old friend (and very smart guy) with whom I wrote Mary–A Catholic Evangelical [Read More...]