Pointy Hat

Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury who pushed women’s ordination through the Church of England in the early 1990s has been in North Carolina for some weeks now. The story is that he is globe trotting, quietly ‘ministering’ to the morally conservative Anglican Evangelicals. This is code for ‘rallying all the Evangelicals’ to fight [Read More...]

Red Meat

In the wake of the present crisis meeting for Anglicans in Africa, Fr Al Kimmel has some pretty juicy stuff about Anglicans and private judgement. If you want a juicy theological steak to sink your teeth into, zip over to Pontifications. [Read more...]


Can anybody resist George Herbert? An intellectual with the highest connections who decided to be a humble country parish priest. You can still visit the little church in Bemerton, near Salisbury in Wiltshire where he lived, ministered, wrote his simple, beautiful poetry and where he finally died, and where he is buried. You can’t visit [Read More...]

Blog Awards

In keeping with clerical humility, modesty, blah blah blah…I was determined to take no notice of the Catholic Blog awards. Not for me the check up to see if I was nominated. Not for me a shameless plea for votes. Not for me the daily biting of nails to see if I won an award. [Read More...]

Ninja Priest

Check out Fullness of Faith for the awesome, terrifying, black and fearful Ninja priest… [Read more...]

Out of Africa

Jonathan Petrie of London’s Daily Telegraph explains what’s going on as the world’s Anglican primates meet in Tanzania. Basically, the bishops of the developing world are still hoping mad over the ordination of Vicki Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire, and the Episcopal Church’s refusal to stop ordaining homosexuals. The don’t much like presiding [Read More...]