The Gargoyle Code – 8

Hogwart, my patient bumped into his parish priest on the golf course yesterday afternoon and spent a whole hour with him at the bar. I tried very hard to get my man to criticize the priest for being at the golf club at all, but to no avail. He actually likes his parish priest! This [Read More...]

Obnoxiously Pious

I’ve often said that there’s at least one thing the Catholics win hands down: clerical headgear. A fun new UK Catholic blog called Obnoxiously Pious has some pictures if you’re interested. The real collector of this stuff is over at Dappled ThingsIt’s not easy to find out who is behind ‘Obnoxiously Pious’ Does the ‘OP’ [Read More...]

The Boy Bishop

For St Nicholas Day I posted about the tradition of the Boy Bishop. Our blogger at Westminster Cathedral in London (not to be confused with the ecclesiastical museum Westminster Abbey) has lots of pictures and stuff about their recent Boy Bishop ceremony. Have a look. It’s a pity about the mitre. Surely Watt & Co. [Read More...]

The Way of All Flesh

My Lenten sermons at St Mary’s have been recorded and are available to stream, download or transfer to your iPod or MP3 player. Sermon for Lent 3 is called The Way of All Flesh and starts off with the story of a chocoholic who was cured by a self help expert. See what you think… [Read more...]

A Letter from Papa

Here is a link to the new Papal exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis. This new letter on the Eucharistic sacrifice is deeply rooted in Scripture and the Fathers of the Church. Take time to read it, and if you can’t read the whole thing the Queen of Catholic bloggers (Amy Welborn) has posted excellent excerpts. Roving Medievalist [Read More...]

An Evangelical Comes Home to Rome

Aime–a very articulate convert to Catholicism from Evangelicalism explains why she became a Catholic. Check it out. (H-T to Amy Welborn) What strikes me about Aimee’s story is the same as so many Evangelical-Rome conversion stories. Usually the convert is not rebelling against his or her former beliefs. Almost always they remain thankful for all [Read More...]