Hangman’s Justice

David Palmer’s British blood runs cold at the hanging of Saddam, and Evangelical Catholicism supports the Vatican’s line that the execution of Saddam Hussein accommplishes nothing. Jimmy Akin and Gerald Augustinus think justice has been done. What does his execution accomplish? Is this really justice or is it revenge? C.S.Lewis has a very interesting essay [Read More...]

Two Toms

Today we remember the martyr Thomas Becket. Once chancellor of England, he was murdered on this day in 1170 in Canterbury Cathedral by agents of King Henry II. A great way to remember him is to read or re-read T.S.Eliot’s 1953 verse drama Murder in the Cathedral. Eliot is probably the only modern playwright to [Read More...]

Muslims Defending Christians

Amy Welborn has a great report from Christmas in Indonesia where the Muslims help to foil attacks on Christians by extremist Islamic groups by turning up in large numbers to the Christian services. Since moving to the USA I’ve heard a lot of anti-Islamic bigotry. Its understandable, and I can’t profess to having a love [Read More...]

TV or not TV…that is the question.

An Amish elder was once visited by some city slickers who asked him why he didn’t have television. He stroked his beard, thought for a moment then asked them if they had seen anything on TV that week that they could recommend. There was an embarrassed silence. He’d made his point. David Palmer is a [Read More...]

The World’s Danger

I saw a stable low and very bare A little child in a manger The oxen knew him, had him in their care To men he was a stranger. The safety of the world was lying there And the world’s danger. – Mary Coleridge MAY YOU HAVE A HAPPY AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS [Read more...]

The Humility of Ecumenism

There are a lot of misconceptions about both Ecumenism and the Catholic Church. Many people equate ecumenism with the World Council of Churches…an organization that has sunk into near oblivion and bankruptcy. In this equation ecumenism is a kind of ecclesiastical United Nations; a talking shop where church leaders meet to work together for peace [Read More...]