The Gargoyle Code

The international listening posts of the Central Lack of Intelligence Agency have unscrambled various messages that have been sent electronically from sources unknown to destinations that have yet to be specified. These messages were filtered out from the millions of electronic impulses radiating through the atomosphere. The messages were disguised and coded within the billions [Read More...]

Mad Cows and Englishmen

You’ve heard of the epidemic of mad cow disease in England a few years ago? It seems the disease has not finished, and has, in fact, passed into the human population. The happy result of this worrying trend is that there seems to have been a quantum leap in the intellectual capacities of both the [Read More...]

Poem for Lent

Confiteo While running the race I stumbled and fellWent flat on my face, and spitting up dust,got up on my knees as others ran past.I’m down and out, and for all I can tell,the race is over. I’m finished. I’ve lost. Then another runner reached down and tookmy hand. He gave me a smile and [Read More...]

The Task of Catholic Art

What is art supposed to do, and I don’t mean Art Garfunkel. In a world obsessed with practicality, efficiency and the bottom line, does art have a function? First what do I mean by art? I mean any human activity where we are creative. Art would therefore include everything from cooking and gardening and crafts [Read More...]

Truly Catholic Deeply

If you want to see a truly Catholic movie watch Hardball with Keanu Reeves. It’s not about a saint. It’s about a sinner. Reeves plays Connor O’Neil, a young guy with just about every problem you can get: unemployed, gambling addict, drink problem, drugs problem, truth problem…you name it. To avoid the guys with the [Read More...]

Tolkien on Awful Liturgy

Roving Medievalist weighs in on the lessons learned from awful liturgy. He quotes Tolkien on the subject. Check it out. This quote not only makes the main point, but it reminds us that awful liturgy, venal priests, silly music and human frailty have always been with us. I sometimes get the impression from the extreme [Read More...]