The ‘Dark’ Ages?

Roving Medievalist is one of my favorite blogs. Who would have thought that someone in Toledo, Ohio of all places would have such a delightful and eccentric enthusiasm, and would create such a good looking blog for gandering at all things medieval. Check in for a daily dose of all things gothic and ecclesiastical. Saxon [Read More...]

British Blog Humor Cont’d

I told you the English had a good sense of humor…click here to get your own aristocratic title: My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:The Most Honourable Reverend Father Dwight in the Middle of Frome Valley Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title [Read more...]

British Catholic Blogs

Eric Scheske of The Daily Eudemon writes a regular column about Catholic blogging for the excellent National Catholic Register. This week he comments on the lack of humor in Catholic blogs. The humor, he remarks, is either banal (pictures of people with silly hats on or babies with bowls os spaghetti upside down on their [Read More...]

Whinder Whinder Everywhere

Fr Whinder was recognized in Rome as he walked down the Pio Borgo! Read all about it here. It also turns out that the excellent and ubiquitous priest is the curate (assistant priest) at Auntie Joanna’s parish in London. The Catholic Church is the true global village. [Read more...]

Auntie Joanna’s Famous Feminist Joke

My friend Joanna Bogle is famous in England for getting a spoof article published in a loony (wants to be) Catholic feminist journal in England. Read the story here on here post ‘That Women’s Circle.’ Joanna, could we read the full article sometime? [Read more...]

Tiber Tide

David Hartline’s book The Tide is Turning Towards Catholicism is a good tonic for the doom and gloom we often hear about the church. The basic theme echoes Pope Benedict’s famous words, “The church is alive, the Church is young.” Hartline chronicles the surge in new vocations, the youthful and enthusiastic faith of the JP2 [Read More...]