Catholic BJU Grad in Greenville

The Greenville News covers the story of my ordination and pulls in the Bob Jones University link. The comments add local color. [Read more...]

In This Sign Conquer

Mulier Fortis has a sweet post on the beauty of making the sign of the cross with reverence and love. Here ’tis [Read more...]

About Times

The Times in London ran an article of mine about the unusual circumstances of my ordination. You can read it here [Read more...]

Katie’s Big Bus Ride

Do you remember the apostate bishop on the bus ride from hell to heaven in C.S.Lewis’ masterpiece The Great Divorce? He wallows in a sentimental spirituality mixed with a pompous intellectual vagueness that values ‘the spirit of inquiry’ instead of following Truth. In reply to the friend who asks him to repent and come to [Read More...]

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

In viewing some of the photos from my ordination I’ve had several questions about my peculiar clerical garb. For those interested in questions of clerical haberdashery, I wear an Anglican style cassock as a reminder of my former incarnation in that most venerable, but now faded and jaded denomination. With that I wear a Roman [Read More...]

The ‘Dark’ Ages?

Roving Medievalist is one of my favorite blogs. Who would have thought that someone in Toledo, Ohio of all places would have such a delightful and eccentric enthusiasm, and would create such a good looking blog for gandering at all things medieval. Check in for a daily dose of all things gothic and ecclesiastical. Saxon [Read More...]