Read, Mark and Learn – 2


Today we begin the second day of our Lent Bible Study. Remember not to read too quickly. Take time and let the Holy Spirit work through the Word of God into your heart and mind. After reading the gospel story click through for my reflections. Come back to the combox to comment, ask questions and [Read More...]

Read, Mark and Learn – 1


Welcome to our Lenten Bible Study of Mark’s gospel. Let me give you some instructions. First of all, don’t read this like you would any other blog post. Take more time. It’s God’s word. Say a prayer before you begin. Maybe just something like, “Open my mind and my heart Lord, to the mysteries of [Read More...]

Introduction to Mark’s Gospel for Lent


I hope you will join me every weekday during Lent for my first Blobble Study–which is of course a Bible study on a Blog. We’ll be studying Mark’s gospel. Why? Because I want to have a fresh vision of Jesus during Lent, and studying the gospel is a great way to do that. Why Mark? [Read More...]