Book Review – Making Sense of the Saints


One of the joys and problems of writing this blog is that I receive far too many books to review. I feel guilty because I like my books to be reviewed, and I wish I had the time to read them all and write a review. I don’t. Therefore the pile of worthy books to [Read More...]

Hobbit Lessons

I mentioned here a delightful new book by Inklings scholar Devin Brown. Devin is the author of The Christian World of The Hobbit. That longer study is a direct explication of the Christian themes and context for Tolkien’s work. Now he has produced a shorter, more accessible work for a wider audience. Hobbit Lessons: A [Read More...]

Strange Gods


“You shall have no other Gods before me.” trumpets the Lord in the Old Testament. St Benedict puts it the other way, “Prefer nothing to the love of Christ.” Elizabeth Scalia is a daughter of St Benedict–a Benedictine oblate, writer, wife and mother. Blogging at The Anchoress she’s also one of the Patheosi–bloggers here from a [Read More...]

Classroom Management for Chaos


Well not chaos exactly. Christian LeBlanc is a fantastically creative sixth grade catechist at St Mary’s. He blogs at Smaller Manhattans and is the author of The Bible Tells Me So–a great Bible based catechetical resource which is being snatched up by enthusiastic catechists across the country. Jennifer Fitz is also a South Carolina Catholic [Read More...]

The Little Way of Ruthie Leming


Rod Dreher has written a moving memoir on the life and tragic death of his sister Ruthie Leming. At the same time he tells his own story–how he left small town Louisiana for the big city and a successful career as a journalist only to head home again and learn that “the end of all [Read More...]

Benedict and the Bible


Guest book reviewer Christian LeBlanc is a catechist at St Mary’s Church in Greenville. He is the author of The Bible Tells Me So–A Year of Catechizing Straight from Scripture –a top notch book for catechists to learn how to catechize from Scripture. Christian blogs about teaching kids about the faith at Smaller Manhattans. I have to admit [Read More...]