Sisters in Crisis


A new edition of Ann Carey’s book gives an update on the crisis in women’s religious orders in the USA. This professionally researched and meticulous book will remain a historical resource for all those who wish to understand how in the space of forty years an army of faithful Catholic sisters ended up as new [Read More...]

Will Many Be Saved?


…or how the sweet, but noxious atmosphere of universalism has undermined the Catholic Church’s mission to the world. Ralph Martin is the Director of Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. He is also President of Renewal Ministries and a consulter to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization. [Read More...]

Not Peace But a Sword


A very sweet Catholic lady I knew, when confronted with an example of rabid anti-Catholicism, said, “I don’t understand this. I don’t think I hate anybody because of their religion, but I probably love Muslims the least.” I couldn’t disagree. It’s hard not to perceive Muslims as a hateful threat to Christianity and our own [Read More...]

Sister Helen: Pray More!


When my younger brother Daryl went out to Africa to drill water wells a saintly woman in the parish said she had no money to support the project, but she would pray. So Daryl went out and he encountered horrible heat, deadly disease, language problems, technical problems, money problems and far more hardships then they [Read More...]

Powerful Prophetic Poetry


A prophet is a seer. He sees what others cannot or will not see in his own culture, and he therefore sees what others cannot or will not see in the future. A prophet looks deeply into the reality of the present moment and sees beneath all the facades, the subterfuge, trickery, lying and chicanery [Read More...]

Jacob’s Ladder


Do you remember that book The Shack that was out some years ago? A man who lost his daughter goes on retreat to a cabin and meets three unusual people who turn out to be the Holy Trinity. He engages in a spiritual, theological discussion with them and learns a lot and grows a lot. Peter [Read More...]