My Peace I Give You

my peace i give you

The wound at the foundation of all our other wounds is the deep wound at the heart of love. Put simply, we all long for total, overwhelming, unconditional love. It is as if the whole human race is starving and in our starved and desperate state our appetites will turn to most anything to fill [Read More...]

God Will Provide


I am not blogging or writing much today because I like to take Fridays as a ‘down day’ to read and study and prepare for the weekend. I couldn’t put down one of the books I was sent for review. Patricia Treece’s God Will Provide by Paraclete Press. Patricia is well known for her books [Read More...]

Everything is Sacred


My ‘Books to Review’ pile gets bigger and bigger by the week. I can’t really get through them all in time, but I’m doing my best. This one came in last week and jumped to the top of the pile because of it’s relevance for Holy Week. The Easter Vigil is the great event of [Read More...]