Punchy History


Review by guest blogger and Standing on My Head book reviewer Christian LeBlanc. I love history. And I also love not just books about history, but reference books about history. They clog my bookshelves because I learned it’s cheaper to own them than check them out of the library over and over again. They do [Read More...]

The Solution to the AmChurch Problem


Three timely books are available which diagnose the problem of the American Church and the solution to the problem. Russell Shaw’s American Church – The Remarkable Rise, Meteoric Fall and Uncertain Future of Catholicism in America brilliantly presents the history of the problem and the present day crisis. In his usual easy going and personable style, [Read More...]

Scott Hahn’s Consuming the Word


Here’s a book review by guest blogger and catechist Christian LeBlanc. Christian is author of The Bible Tells Me So–a charming and enlightening book to help catechists communicate the faith using the Bible stories. He blogs at Smaller Manhattans. Americans of course remember that we won our War of Independence at Yorktown in 1781, ending a long [Read More...]

Fathers Know Best


One of the recurrent themes in the conversion stories of former Protestant ministers is their discovery of the Apostolic Fathers. Ever since Bl. John Henry Newman found his way Home to Rome by reading the early church writings, waves of converts have also read the theologians and historians in the generations just after the apostles [Read More...]

Jesus and the End of the World


One of the problems with the supernatural aspect of the Christian faith is that dull rationalists keep picking it apart complaining that there are inconsistencies, illogical statements impossibilities and just plain stupid stuff in the Bible. Explaining the Biblical and religious language is not easy when the person is unschooled and inexperienced in a religious [Read More...]

The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn


David Hartline’s first book, The Catholic Tide is Turning chronicled much of the good news about the Catholic Church in the United States. This sequel continues the author’s campaign to tell the full story of the American Catholic Church. He begins by reporting on the triumphant visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the US and rattles [Read More...]