The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn


David Hartline’s first book, The Catholic Tide is Turning chronicled much of the good news about the Catholic Church in the United States. This sequel continues the author’s campaign to tell the full story of the American Catholic Church. He begins by reporting on the triumphant visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the US and rattles [Read More...]

Proof of Heaven?


Can the existence of heaven be proved? Dr Eben Alexander thinks so. His book Proof of Heaven is an extraordinary story about a most extraordinary experience. Dr Alexander is a neurosurgeon, so he knows how the brain works. He explains that most doctors dismiss NDEs (Near Death Experiences) as the final flickerings of a dying [Read More...]

Praying Like St Dominic


Welcome to Christian LeBlanc, who starts today to be a regular guest blogger to help me review all the books I’m sent. I try to give them a brief mention, but don’t have time to do justice to all of them, so Christian, who is a very smart and well read person has said he’ll [Read More...]

Binz on the Bible


Stephen J Binz is a Bible scholar who bridges the Evangelical-Catholic divide. In hisAncient-Future Bible Study Series he gives us a series of great Bible studies on various characters in the Bible. With studies on Peter, Abraham, Women of the Torah, Women of the Gospels, Paul and David, these studies for either individuals or groups highlight [Read More...]

Heaven on Earth

Protestant pastors Chris Seidman and Josh Graves have co-written a practical guide to the Beatitudes in their little book, Heaven on Earth. One of the best things from the Evangelical Protestant tradition is solid, clear, practical, Bible based preaching. A good Evangelical preacher can hold his congregation’s attention for a good 30 minutes or half hour [Read More...]

What Must I Do?


Marcus Grodi’s Coming Home Network is an Catholic apostolate that works hard to inform, mentor, guide and pray for separated brothers and sisters as they make their journey to the Catholic faith. Marcus’ new book What Must I Do to Be Saved? meets Evangelicals on their own turf and explains the fullness of the Catholic faith [Read More...]