Is “I Am Legend” a Christian Film?


My article for Imaginative Conservative this week is an analysis of the Christian symbolism and themes in the sic fi horror film I Am Legend The film conveys the tense dread of living alone in an abandoned city inhabited only by humans who have turned into monsters. The atmosphere of a New York that has become [Read More...]

Iron Lady Film – Masterpiece or Mess?


My contribution to The Imaginative Conservative website this week is a review of the film The Iron Lady –a biopic on British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Many criticized the film because it focussed on the retired premier’s dementia and did not laud her political achievements sufficiently. This is to misunderstand both the film and the art form. The [Read More...]

On the Glory of Purgatory


Saved from Sacrifice: A Theology of the Cross by S. Mark Heim is a fascinating exposition of the thought of Rene Girard to the theology of the atonement or “what really happened when Jesus died on the cross. I’m reading it as part of my research for a book I am working on called The Sacred Sacrifice which [Read More...]

Monkey See Monkey Do


Terry Notary is the man behind the mask in the new film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  He is a Hollywood “movement coach” and this fascinating article from London’s Daily Telegraph goes into detail of his work. Notary work in a “mocap” suit– mocap being short for “motion capture”. This is the technology [Read More...]