Mrs Brady on the Assumption of the BVM

Little Old lady

Mrs Brady, Catholic Old Lady is one of our guest bloggers… Why look who it is! Sylvia! Come in dear! Come in! I am so glad to see you, and little Charlie too! I was just taking a few minutes to sit here on the porch. Well, I say a few minutes, but I’ve been [Read More...]

Mrs Brady on Church Problems

Little Old lady

It’s so very kind of you to come around with a bag of oranges my dear! Good heavens, what will you think with me still in my housecoat and slippers at this time of the morning? I suppose Jeanette told you I was under the weather, and there’s nothing like fresh oranges to make a [Read More...]

Mrs Brady on Chick-fil-A

Little Old lady

I don’t know when I’ve been happier to see someone walk up the street to my home! I feel like I’ve been weeding this flowerbed for hours, and in this heat, why I’m just about to melt! I was going to keep going, but now you’re here I can get myself a nice cold glass [Read More...]

Mrs Brady — Catholic Old Lady

Little Old lady

Why, I’d love to talk for a few moments with you boys. Would you like to sit here on the porch? You must get so tired riding around on those bicycles in this heat! You’re Mormons aren’t you? I can always tell–you on the bikes with your helmets on and your white shirts and ties. [Read More...]

Mrs Brady on Monasteries

Ricky you must be exhausted! Digging so many holes to plant my azaleas! Why don’t you come up on the porch and have a couple of hot dogs? I put some of my home made chili on top and there’s some baked beans I’ve had in the crock pot all morning. There, now you just [Read More...]

Mrs Brady Catholic Old Lady

Freddy, why don’t we take a break and sit on the porch for a few minutes? It was very sweet of you to leave all your college friends on a Saturday morning and help an old woman with yard work, but you’re all sweaty and my poor old back is killing me. I think we [Read More...]