Old Monk on Stability

Novice: I think God is calling me to join a different community Old Monk: As you go you will be taking the problem of this community with you. [Read more...]

Old Monk on How God Answers Prayer


Novice: How can God possibly hear and respond to¬†everyone’s prayers? There are so many! Old Monk: That’s easy. He gives everyone the same answer. [Read more...]

Old Monk on Death

Keep Death Daily Before Your Eyes [Read more...]

Old Monk on Madness


The time is coming when men will go mad, a time when if they will see someone who is not mad they will attack him saying, “You are mad because you are not like us!” [Read more...]

Old Monk on Observation


Stop. Look. Listen. Take time to observe the world, others and yourself. This requires you to be alert and silent. [Read more...]

Old Monk on Love of God


Novice: Should I love God or fear God?  Old Monk: You should fear the Love of God. [Read more...]