Old Monk on Silence


How can you hear the still, small voice of God if you are talking all the time? [Read more...]

Old Monk on Monks


Visitor to the monastery: What is the most difficult thing about monastic life? Old Monk: Other monks. Visitor: Why are they so difficult? Old Monk: Because they are like me. [Read more...]

Old Monk on Sanctity


Do you want to be a saint, or do you just want to be happy? [Read more...]

Old Monk on Condemning Others


You cannot condemn others until you know everything about them. Since you will never know everything about them you can never condemn them. [Read more...]

Old Monk on Detachment


True detachment is to love all things according to their worth. [Read more...]

Old Monk on the Snares of the Enemy


I saw all of the snares of the enemy laid out before me and I groaned and said, “With what weapon can I overcome?” Then a voice within me answered, “Humility.” [Read more...]