Old Monk on Submission


The prayer at the heart of prayer: “Thy Will be Done.” [Read more...]

Old Monk on Obedience


If you cannot obey your superior in Christ in the Church, why do you imagine that you will be able to obey Christ himself when he calls? [Read more...]

Old Monk on Theosis


Novice: I have said my prayers, fasted, fed the poor and kept the vigil. What more must I do? Old Monk: (stands up with hands raised, from his fingertips spurt flames of fire and with eyes blazing) Why not become a living flame of love? [Read more...]

Old Monk on Fearing God


Novice: Should I fear God or Love God? Old Monk: You should fear His love. [Read more...]

St Benedict for Beginners


Do you like Old Monk? I am a Benedictine oblate and have benefited much in my spiritual growth through the wisdom of St Benedict. If you’d like to learn more, then why not ¬†follow my series of short meditations on the Rule of St Benedict over at Integrated Catholic Life?¬†This part seven of a long [Read More...]

Old Monk on War


If you would be a saint you must be a warrior. [Read more...]