We’re Catholics. Everything’s Connected.

One Church. One Faith. One Baptism.

I heard about this Methodist minister who  had decided to make his church more liturgical so on Ash Wednesday he got some ashes from the fireplace and added some water and smeared the mess on the heads of his people. Thinking he could do better he trotted off to the Catholic priest and asked, “Where [Read More...]

Satan Hates Marriage

True Marriage is Eden Restored

A priestly correspondent has reminded me of the diabolical dimension to the present destruction of marriage and family in our society. The reason Satan hates marriage is because in the ideal of marriage man and woman are restored to harmony and pro creative union. When the marriage is Christian he hates it even more. When the [Read More...]

The (Roman) Empire Strikes Back

Julius Caesar

After my most recent visit to Rome I’ve been reading more about the history of Rome, and the parallels with twenty first America are fascinating. Many people know about the fall of the Roman Empire and follow the usual narrative that Rome collapsed from within because of moral decadence. Of course, the story is more [Read More...]

The Swamp of Subjective Sentimentality


A friend commented about the same sex controversy saying that he has family members who are gay and they are furious with the Catholic church saying, “Who are they to define marriage?” In discussing the problem we observed that most Americans are now so enswamped by subjective sentimentalism that they cannot conceive of someone having [Read More...]

The Marriage Mess and the Room of Tears

Fr Barron writes brilliantly here on the threats posed to Christians in America today. He recognizes that, despite the reassuring words of Justice Kennedy that religious objections will be respected and recognized, that there is no logic to that position: Since same-sex marriage is now recognized as a fundamental human right guaranteed by the Constitution, those [Read More...]

The Rainbow Flag or the Confederate Flag?


Reactions to two flags in America sum up the nation’s mood. The Rainbow Flag has come to stand for the gay liberation movement. It has triumphed at the Supreme Court on Friday, and almost like the timing was planned,  the weekend saw Gay Pride parades across the world in which the rainbow flag was omnipresent. [Read More...]