Red for the Blood of the Martyrs


My latest article for Aleteia notices the disturbing co-incidence that the day after 20 new cardinals were created 21 new martyrs gave their lives on a Libyan beach. There was a chilling synchronicity in the religious news this last week. On Saturday, standing with twenty new cardinals, Pope Francis made twenty-one. The next day the [Read More...]

ISIS Wolves Devour Christians


The AP reports here that ISIS terrorists have swept through Christian villages in Northern Syria kidnapping nearly 100 Christians. The latest assault began before dawn on Monday, when the militants swept through the villages nestled along the banks of Khabur River near the town of Tal Tamr in Hassakeh province. The area is predominantly inhabited [Read More...]

Paradise and Paranoia

Adam and Eve

This week’s article at Imaginative Conservative looks at our need for happiness and what happens when we are disappointed. The problem is that the paradise is never achieved. There is always disappointment and a fly in the ointment. The search for pleasure ends in addiction instead of satisfaction, and the search for utopia ends in [Read More...]

Pipteazle on Porn for Gals


In this excerpt from The Gargoyle Code Slubgrip’s colleague Pipteazle instructs Dogwart on how women are tempted by a different type of porn than men. It seems appropriate during the disgusting hype over Fifty Shades of Grey. Ms. Pipteazle Archsecretary Female Division Lilith Hall, Seventh Circle Dogwart, Slubgrip has ‘asked’ me to write to you about the temptation of [Read More...]

Why Sado Masochism Is Going to Be Huge

50 shades

I held back from writing about Fifty Shades of Grey because I hadn’t read the book or seen the movie and don’ t want to. I didn’t want to give yet more publicity for something which decent people should hardly be aware of. This is the stuff of dark dungeons of desire, and not M&S [Read More...]

How Generosity Gives Back


My father used to tithe 15% of his income. Really. That was before taxes…and he had five children and a retail clothing store that was struggling to stay afloat. Once when I was in eighth grade we had to do a pie chart of our family’s finances for an economics class. I can remember making [Read More...]