Encounters with Angels


What is our proper understanding and relationship with angels? This article outlines the answer Praise and Proclamation and Protection may not seem quite as exciting as “listening to the light within”, channeling your angel or summoning up dark spirits, but our faith is incarnational. The child in the manger reminds us that Christianity is real [Read More...]

ISIS – an Incomprehensible Enemy


James Foley was kidnapped first. He was just grabbed off the street by Muslim fanatics. Then he was kept as a prisoner and tortured. Finally he was be-headed publicly. Why could that not be the fate of any American traveling abroad? You’re a tourist in a Middle Eastern country with an American passport? Maybe they’ll [Read More...]

Fullness of Truth Conference

Eating Mexican w Jesse Romero

I’ll be blogging from San Antonio in the great republic of Texas for the next few days. It was great to be met at the airport and to find Jesse Romero grinning from the car, “Hey! Father Longenecker! Thanks for your writing. We use your stuff all the time!” Stopped for a taco with Jesse [Read More...]

Pope Francis Called the Foley Family

This article in the Daily Telegraph suggests James Foley may have volunteered for execution to spare others. James Foley may have volunteered to be murdered to spare the lives of fellow hostages, his family said, as it emerged that his kidnappers had emailed them last week to say they were about to “execute” him. Mr [Read More...]

On Traveling in Clericals and Ecumenical Movement


I am on my way to San Antonio to speak at the Fullness of Truth conference, and as usual I am traveling in clericals. I usually do so when traveling to a speaking engagement because it makes me behave myself… Seriously, I like traveling in clericals because it is a silent form of witness. “Look! [Read More...]

Mary Queen of Heaven: A Quick Apologetic

Coronation of Mary by Velasquez

Nothing is more of a hot button issue in discussions with our separated brethren than Mary. Kimberly Hahn said in her journey to the Catholic Church there are three problems: Mary. Mary and Mary. So how do we dialogue with non Catholic Christians about today’s feast: the Queenship of Mary? NCC (non Catholic Christian) – [Read More...]