English Lord Patten to Take Vatican Communications Job

Baroness Thatcher funeral

Chris Patten, a veteran English Catholic politician will head up the Vatican’s new communications and media team. The Catholic Herald reports here. former chairman of the BBC Trust and former chancellor of the University of Oxford, will serve as president of the commission. The 70-year-old British public servant is a Catholic and was co-ordinator of [Read More...]

A Prophecy: The Vocations Crisis is Over


When I say this is a prophecy I don’t want to suggest that I have had some sort of supernatural vision. This is not a prophecy in that sense, but a prophecy because prophets not only sometimes have supernatural revelations, but they are people who are also able to see the big picture, understand the [Read More...]

Would You Embrace a Pedophile Priest?

Convicted Pedophile Fr John Geoghan

Pope Francis famously kissed a man with a horrible physical deformity, but what if he kissed a man who was even more horribly deformed in his soul? What if he were to go to prison to hear the confession of a pedophile priest? The Pope has met with some victims of priestly sex abuse and [Read More...]

Catholic Church – Auditorium or Temple?

Interior Proposed New Our Lady Rosary Church Greenville, SC - rendering by Matthew Alderman

  This article on church architecture challenges modern Catholic Church architecture. What is it all about anyway? What is a church for? Architects will quibble about the “form follows function” dictum, but assuming that there is at least some truth to it, we can then ask, “What is a church for?” If we are being [Read More...]

Francis and the Devil


In my latest article for Aleteia I comment on Pope Francis’ powerful battle with Satan. Pope Francis is often hailed as a pope of surprises, but his open belief in a personal devil may be one of his most surprising characteristics. In modern church circles it is more fashionable to speak of “evil” than to [Read More...]

Will Married Priests Solve the Vocations Crisis?


Here is my latest article for ZENIT asking whether admitting married men to the priesthood will solve the crisis in vocations. It would certainly seem, at first glance, to solve a lot of problems, not only in the developed countries where, arguably, the mandatory vow of celibacy is one of the greatest deterrents to increased vocations, [Read More...]