Stripping the Altars is Ripping the Heart Out of Catholicism

Proposed Restoration of Chapel at Josephinum Seminary

This before and after photograph of the St Turibius chapel of the Pontifical Josephinum seminary illustrates what was done to Catholic architecture across the world in the wake of the Vatican 2 revolution. A vital break in the sacred tradition took place which is rightly called a new stripping of the altars. As I travel [Read More...]

A Married Priest on Married Priests – 3

Greek Catholic Priest and Wife

In my earlier posts here and here I discussed the practical aspects of having married priests. There is a basic flaw, however in only discussing this issue with a regard to the practicalities. This is because there are simply too many variables to make a strong case one way or the other for or against [Read More...]

On Being a Missionary


In the Evangelical Fundamentalist world in which I was raised our heroes were the missionaries. These courageous men and women gave up everything to go live in the jungle or some other God forsaken, rat infested place to preach the gospel. They went to the desert of North Africa, the jungles of Burma and countered [Read More...]

Historicism and Heresy


My article for Imaginative Conservative website this week is an examination of historicism–the idea that there is no over arching meaning to history, but that all is random.  I remember being delighted by the Sunday School teacher’s play on words when she retold the Old Testament sagas and explained that history was “His Story”. I was [Read More...]

Pope Francis Lectures the Europeans


Today’s article for Aleteia sees Pope Francis’ recent speeches to the European Parliament and Council of Europe in the light of his interest in end times. Most of all, Pope Francis engaged the Europeans with the underlying spiritual malaise of the developed world. Noting the cynical and weary attitude of Europeans, said there is a “great [Read More...]

Movie Popes

Sir John Gielgud as Pius XII

  My article for Aleteia this week catalogues the various portrayals of popes on film–from Jeremy Irons’ Alexander VI to Alec Guiness’ Innocent III Struck by the underlying drama of the papacy (and being somewhat of a movie buff), I began to explore the portrayal of popes on film. Some of the world’s finest actors [Read More...]