2017, Fatima and the End of the World

Pope Francis Consecrates the World to OL Fatima, October 13, 2013

Today Catholics celebrate the anniversary of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children in the Portuguese village of Fatima in 1917. These extraordinary events can be seen as ushering in the catastrophic twentieth century. By 1917 the first World War was grinding on with horrors never before imagined by the human race. [Read More...]

Modernism is Madness

Groovy Priests

You know the definition of insanity – when you repeat the same action over and over but expect different results. A good example of this is left wing economics. Every experiment in socialism and communism has been a social, economic, human and political disaster of gigantic proportions. Nevertheless, left wingers continue to believe that what [Read More...]

Why Are The “Nones” Leaving Religion?

Empty Churches

Everybody’s buzzing about this new survey which charts the decline of institutionalized religion in the USA. The statement which summarizes religious trends today is this: Catholics dropped both in market share and in real numbers. Despite their high retention rate for people reared in the faith, they have a low conversion rate. Today, Cooperman said, [Read More...]

How Does God Answer Prayer?


A reader writes to ask if it is wrong to pray to God that his kid does well in his really important baseball game. “Doesn’t God have better things to worry about than me asking for my boy to do well at the baseball game?” What’s the answer? It’s complicated. One the one hand I [Read More...]

It’s the ACTS of the Apostles, People!

Peter and prison

One of the things which gets me charged up during the Easter season are all the readings from the Acts of the Apostles. We take this marvelous fifth book of the New Testament for granted, but consider how important it is that the book records the ACTS of the apostles. Notice that it is not “The [Read More...]

Relativism and the Antichrist


My essay this week at Imaginative Conservative explains why “the dictatorship of relativism” is  not a catchphrase, but a reality. The most terrifying aspect to this truth is that the indifferent will cry out for the domination of the superman. Most dictatorships are welcomed for what they offer. In the lack of objective truth and [Read More...]