FaithWorks! – 33

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Pius V – A Prophetic Papacy

Pope St Pius V by El Greco

In this article for Crisis, published over a year ago Jared Staudt comments on the significance of Pope Pius V for the present papacy. On the eve of Francis’ election Staudt’s infant son kept taking down from the bookshelf a biography of Pius V. Staudt re read the book wondering if the conclave would produce [Read More...]

Is Dialogue a Dirty Word?


Here is my latest contribution to National Catholic Register. For many Catholics, “dialogue” is a dirty word. In their minds, it’s code for the kinds of ecumenism and interfaith relations that emphasize similarities and dismiss differences. “Dialogue” means “we’re all climbing the same mountain, which is God — but we’re on different paths” or “dogma [Read More...]

Who is the False Prophet of the End Times?

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

I was brought up in a Protestant church steered by dispensationalist theology. The preachers loved to study the Biblical books of prophecy almost like fortune tellers to try to predict the future. They tried to read the Biblical books of prophecy in one hand and yesterday’s paper in the other. That process never yields very [Read More...]

Little Red Riding Hood in Rotherham


Fairy tales are timeless because they are true. They tell tales of horror, betrayal, violence, rape and human depravity because children of all ages need to confront such horrors. They are timeless because they unlock the hidden truths in everyday life. They apply because they expose every day idiocies and human failures, foibles and foolishness. [Read More...]

Ten Things I Like About St Gregory the Great

Pope St Gregory the Great

Here’s a little list. Ten Things I Like About St Gregory the Great He was a Benedictine monk. I’m a Benedictine oblate and the monk in me will always hanker for the cell, the cloister and the bell. He was a scholar. You got to love a Pope who is brainy. He was a liturgist. [Read More...]