Witness in Words and Works…Or Else!

The Parable of the Good Shepherd Separating the Sheep from the Goats

Oh how people love that quote attributed to St Francis: “Preach the word at all times. Use words if necessary.” It has become one of those religious bromides alongside “To travel well is better than to arrive.” While the little quote is certainly true, and a cleverer way of saying “Actions speak louder than words” [Read More...]

Robin Williams, C.S.Lewis and the Demons That Drove Him


Could you not like Robin Williams? He’s one comedian and actor who always let you know he was on the edge, that there was a dark sadness beneath the zaniness. In this memoir British comedian Alexi Sayle recounted how Williams had the ability to switch from comedy to pathos in a moment: On top of [Read More...]

Bye Bye Combox


The comments section of this blog has been closed down. Here’s why: I tried having a combox that was completely open, but too many crazies and aggressive types gained entry. Moderation was needed. However, my readership is snowballing. This also means more comments which takes more time for me to moderate. My readership is changing. [Read More...]

Understanding Iraq

  Today’s post for Aleteia explains the situation for Christians in Iraq–outlining who the different groups are and explaining a bit of their history. In 2003. Christians in Iraq numbered about 1,500,000 and represented just over five percent of the population. Their percentage had fallen since 1987 when they were 1.4 million, or eight percent [Read More...]

Notes on Tony Palmer’s Funeral

Tony Palmer

It seems that there are some Catholics who are upset that the Pope’s friend Bishop Tony Palmer was given a Catholic Requiem. Go here and here. They shouldn’t be. We can pray for the repose of the soul of anyone, and a requiem Mass is simply the prayer of the church for the repose of [Read More...]

The Demon Wolves of ISIS: Ancient Assyria Reborn


Lord Byron’s poem The Destruction of Sennacherib begins with the line, “The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold.” My friend Paul Thigpen makes the link between the warlords of the Islamic State (IS) and their historic predecessors, the warlike Assyrians. Two ancient civilizations jockeyed for power in what is now the nation of [Read More...]