Divorce and Remarriage? I Have No Opinion


Some time ago I was meeting with a Catholic woman who had been divorced and re-married. I welcomed her to our church and was having a new parishioner meeting with her when the subject of her marital situation came up. “I hope you’re going to be welcoming over this.” she said rather defensively. “Of course!” [Read More...]

Arrogance, Ignorance and the Unforgivable Sin


Don’t mistake arrogance for pride. Sure, arrogance is nauseating, and when it’s not nauseating it’s amusing. When a person struts around with his nose in the air, assumes a know-it-all attitude and bosses everyone around, first you get annoyed –”Who does this guy think he is??” Then, once you step back a bit you have [Read More...]

To Help the Widows and the Fatherless…

The Rogan Family with new baby Killian, but without Dad

You may have heard about the Rogans, a traditional Catholic family who lost their Dad as he was driving them to the hospital so Mom could give birth to baby number eight. An oncoming car hit a deer which was thrown into the path of the family van. Mike was killed. Niki gave birth a few [Read More...]

Left Wing Writer Wants to Limit Freedom of Speech


Those of us who observe and criticize ideologies of all kinds observe that ideologues invariably fall into the most wild of hypocrisies. So the left wing–who have always been advocates of free speech–defenders of protesters, defenders of pornography, defenders of attacks on Christianity, defenders of attacks on the family–all in the name of freedom of [Read More...]

Reagan Shooter’s Weird Link With the Bush Clan

John Hinckley Jr

Do you remember John Hinckley–the guy who shot Ronald Reagan? This article explains how he is being “re-integrated” into society. In fact, he has been out and about off and on since 2003. John Hinkley and the Reagan assassination attempt is one of the hugest non-stories ever to be whitewashed from American history. Why? Because [Read More...]

Is Religious Enquiry Reasonable?


Benjamin Franklin wrote, “The way to see by faith is to close the eye of reason.” What a shallow lie that is, but it is understandable given his deistic, rationalism. The idea that faith and reason are incompatible is a commonplace among both rationalists and religionists. Very often along with a highly subjective and emotional [Read More...]