The Pope, the Prince and the Pauper

Pope Francis Greets King Philippe and Queen Mathilde

  My latest article for Aleteia reports on the universal appeal of the Catholic Church and the papacy. The extent of the pope’s reach was re-affirmed recently as he welcomed King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. At fifty-four Philippe is one of Europe’s youngest reigning monarchs. He ascended the throne in 2013 after the [Read More...]

Divine Mercy Celebration with Johnette Benkovic


Join me, Steve Wood and Johnette Benkovic for a Divine Mercy Weekend at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Greenville, SC April 11 and 12. for more information go here. [Read more...]

Bogged Down in Lent? Here Are Five Prayer Pointers

Pray More!

We’re supposed to pray more in Lent. So pray more why dontcha? Here are  some ideas for kickstarting your Lenten Prayer life. 1. Pray the Divine Office - The complete daily Divine Office consists of Morning Prayer, Mid Day Prayer, Evening Prayer, Office of Readings and Night Prayer. But if you’re not a priest you don’t have [Read More...]

Pita Priest’s “Pastoral” Slap Down at A Funeral


Feisty Catholic blogger Katrina Fernandez, known as The Crescat went to her beloved Grandmother’s funeral Mass only to be humiliated and embarrassed by the priest when she went to receive communion. She writes about the experience here and she ain’t happy. Katrina is a courageous single Mom who struggles to make ends meet. She was not only [Read More...]

Christians Dishing Out Toxic Soup

soup kitchen

Are food pantries and soup kitchens always a good thing or are we inadvertently handing out deadly food and toxic soup? I’m exaggerating to make my point about what’s called toxic charity. My article for Aleteia this week focusses on the non productive way we do our charity work. Those who run the soup kitchens, homeless [Read More...]

Pope Francis the Big Coward

Francis unsure

I know. I know. The headline was misleading, but I couldn’t resist. Catholic News Agency reports on the pope’s  recent interview with an Argentinian shanty town paper the pope admitted that there is a threat to his life from ISIS, but he puts himself in the Lord’s hands saying that he does not fear death, [Read More...]