The Apostles – 5

In the second section of the book the Holy Father discusses the Apostles one by one. He begins with Peter. The Pope teaches about Simon Peter’s background in Galilee, his call to be one of the initial five disciples (Jewish rabbies traditionally had five disciples) and then Simon being given his new name and his [Read More...]

Rose Vestments?

I’m sorry to say we didn’t use rose vestments at St Mary’s last Sunday. Some clergy find it unmanly. I certainly would find it difficult to wear hot Barbie doll pink, but the rose color for vestments is traditional and has very ancient and interesting antecedents. Check this post by Shawn Tribe to see a [Read More...]

Bush Whacker

When the journalist threw a shoe at Bush in Iraq last week it wasn’t just the only weapon to hand. It’s an ancient Midddle Eastern insult. Do you remember when they pulled down Saddam’s statue they all ran up and slapped it with their shoes? It’s actually there in the Psalm 60: “Moab is my [Read More...]

Busy Weekend

Sorry, no blogging over the weekend. On Saturday we were busy getting ready and hosting a party to celebrate the second anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood. It combines with our early Christmas party. Then the pastor of St Mary’s was under the weather and I had to step in and take extra duty [Read More...]

Bob Jones and the Catholic Church

Here’s my latest article published in National Catholic Register. It’s about Bob Jones University, racism and anti-Catholicism. [Read more...]

C of E Censors Carols

When I was an Anglican we used to joke that ‘C of E’ stood not for ‘Church of England’, but ‘Church of Everybody.’ It seems the need to be loved is still all over the poor old Anglican Church. Why else would well meaning vicars change the words of Christmas carols to make them more [Read More...]