Planned Parenthood shields Pedophiles

Here’s an interesting article¬†about a woman who goes to Planned Parenthood clinics posing as a thirteen year old girl asking for an abortion. When she says the father is thirty one years old the PP employee tells her to lie, and because Indiana mandates parental consent for underage girls to have an abortion, the abortionist [Read More...]

Immaculate Conception

“They will bring them, as the Israelites bring their grain offerings, to the temple of the LORD in ceremonially clean vessels.” Isaiah 66:20 The grain offering according to the Old Covenant was one of the forms of sin offering, and was made for the forgiveness of sins, and what is the grain offering, but the [Read More...]

Anti Catholicism in Britain

The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster has written an article about the rising anti-religious feeling and especially anti-Catholic feeling in secular Britain. Read about it here. [Read more...]

Police State UK

Check out this article¬†from the UK’s Daily Telegraph. Late term abortions in Britain (even up to 24 weeks and later) are being carried out on children with deformities no worse than a club foot or a cleft palate. This is bad enough, but it has emerged that the government and department of health have been [Read More...]

Boy Bishop Tradition Revived

Today at St Joseph’s Catholic School (an the eve of the Feast of St Nicholas) we revived the medieval custom of the boy Bishop. An eighth grade member of our guild of servers was elected by his peers and became bishop for a day. The two runners up served as his canons. They processed at [Read More...]

Advent Retreat

I’ll be leading an Advent parish retreat at St Mark’s in Newberry, South Carolina tonight and tomorrow night starting at 6:30. I’ll be talking about four Advent characters; St Elizabeth, St John the Baptist, St Joseph and the Blessed Virgin, and linking each with a Christian virtue: hope, courage, purity and obedience. All are welcome! [Read more...]