The Triumph of the Cross

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (or Triumph of the Cross) we honor the Holy Cross by which Christ redeemed the world. The public veneration of the Cross of Christ originated in the fourth century, according to early accounts, beginning with the miraculous discovery of the cross on September 14, 326, by [Read More...]

Pay Grade?

Why did the media allow a Presidential candidate to squirm out of an awkward, but crucial question by saying, “That’s above my pay grade.” but a Vice Presidential candidate is mocked, berated and scorned for being slightly confused over the ‘Bush Doctrine’ (something many Americans have never heard of) which has four or five different [Read More...]

Palin the Disney Princess?

In a smart article over at Inside Catholic Mark Shea points out how dumb the Democrats will be if they continue to attack Sarah Palin’s ‘ordinariness.’ Is her winning narrative something out of a ‘bad Disney movie’ as actor Matt Damon has protested? Yes it is. As a matter of fact, it is this same [Read More...]

Palin Interview

I didn’t see the Palin interview, but from the reports I read she sailed through it with flying colors, despite the fact that the interviewer was condescending, tried to trip her up and kept interrupting and quibbling. Here are some of the perceived results: 1. Global Warming – she doesn’t take an extreme view. She [Read More...]

Caption Competition

“Remember dear friends, it is impossible to have both hair and brains…” [Read more...]

Feminism and Paganism

“Are women priests necessarily pagans?” asks a reader. Yes and no.  No, of course they’re not necessarily conscious pagans. Many of the women priests I knew in the Anglican Church were just nice, good, pious Christian ladies who wanted to serve Jesus and his church. They were not all bra burning feminists, men haters or wacky eco-femi-nazis. Their [Read More...]