Pope Benedict at Advent Vespers

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Watch and Wait

Advent watching and waiting for the Lord’s coming is a reminder that being alert, awake and alive should be our mental and spiritual state at all times.  We should be watchful and awake and waiting mentally. Never being dull or complacent, never being prejudiced or locked in to a narrow mindedness, never being suspicious or [Read More...]

New Friends

  Of the many emails I receive from blog readers, this one is especially encouraging: I graduated from Iowa State University this year in May and got married two weeks later. Over the course of my college career I found it very heartening to see the number of young Catholics who were strong and faithful [Read More...]

For Advent

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Advent One

Watch out! Wake Up! You don’t know the day or the hour! [Read more...]

For the Beginning of Advent

So now, my brothers, let us sing, not to enjoy a lifetime of leisure, but to ease our toil.  In the way that travellers are in the habit of singing, sing, but continue your journey. What does it mean, “continue your journey”? Fare forward always – but fare forward in goodness, for there are, according [Read More...]