Quarr Abbey and Father Joe

When I was an Anglican priest on the Isle of Wight I spent a lot of time at Quarr (pronounced ‘core’) Abbey. Quarr is built just a few hundred yards from the ruins of a medieval abbey. The architect was Dom Bellot–one of the monks who came to the Isle of Wight from Solemses during [Read More...]

I Don’t Know About Agnosticism

Not knowing about agnosticism is like saying, ‘Deja vu? Haven’t I met you somehwere before?’ When you think about it agnosticism is really a no man’s land. It is a country you pass through, a stage on a journey, and never a destination. The human heart hates a vacuum, and the emptiness of agnosticism cannot [Read More...]

Catholic BJU Grad in Greenville

The Greenville News covers the story of my ordination and pulls in the Bob Jones University link. The comments add local color. [Read more...]

Katie’s Big Bus Ride

  Do you remember the apostate bishop on the bus ride from hell to heaven in C.S.Lewis’ masterpiece The Great Divorce? He wallows in a sentimental spirituality mixed with a pompous intellectual vagueness that values ‘the spirit of inquiry’ instead of following Truth.In reply to the friend who asks him to repent and come to [Read More...]

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

In viewing some of the photos from my ordination I’ve had several questions about my peculiar clerical garb. For those interested in questions of clerical haberdashery, I wear an Anglican style cassock as a reminder of my former incarnation in that most venerable, but now faded and jaded denomination. With that I wear a Roman [Read More...]

O Felix Culpa

One of the good things about Netflix is that you can get minor movies that are only a few years old to watch again. I don’t think Pleasantville was too hot at the box office, but like Groundhog Day, it is a fascinating fantasy film with strong theological themes. The plot involves two contemporary teenagers [Read More...]