Veteran’s Day

A nice co incidence that Veteran’s Day is also the memoria of St Martin of Tours–a former soldier and the patron of veterans. Born in 315, St Martin was converted when he saw the face of Christ in a naked beggar, and gave the man half of his ample cloak. He went on to renounce [Read More...]

Pretty Creepy

My post on our new President elect has elicited an awful lot of comments. I’ve found some of the comments of those who agree with me to be pretty creepy. They compare the new president to Hitler and go over the top with hints of secret movers and shakers and Illuminati and sound crazily conspiratorial. [Read More...]

Ad Orientem

What is it, from a priest’s point of view that I love about celebrating the Mass ad orientem?  A number of things: 1. I no longer have to worry about being in ‘performance mode’. When I am facing the people, no matter how much I try, I am looking more at them and focussing more [Read More...]

Click the Pic

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More on the Lateran

Educate yourself about the history of Catholicism’s mother church and the cathedral church of the Bishop of Rome here. There is so much that can be said about the image of the temple in the Scriptures. We are called to be temples of the Holy Spirit, all of us are living stones built up into [Read More...]

St John Lateran

Click on the picture to enlarge. Fr Ray has more pictures and a video tour here. [Read more...]