Evangelistic Enterprise

This evening at St Mary’s we’re having a modest event to share the faith with others. Challenging Catholics is an opportunity for the general public to ask questions about the Catholic faith. We have put together a panel of ‘experts’ who will each take an area of questions. An MC will ask the questions and there [Read More...]

Angels in My Hair

Peter Stanford interviews an Irish housewife who sees angels. Read it here. [Read more...]

Something to Cheer About

Damian Thompson moves on from his usual fussy controversial tone to write powerfully and movingly of Pope Benedict’s address to the youth and World Youth Day.  Here are some excerpts: Dear friends, life is not governed by chance; it is not random. Your very existence has been willed by God, blessed and given a purpose (cf. [Read More...]

Benedict Converts Snake Handler

It’s just been revealed that during his recent visit to the USA Pope Benedict XVI took time out to fly to the hills of Tennessee to convert a charismatic Christian who is a member of a snake handling sect. This sect also drinks poison to prove they are holy. After receiving the new convert into [Read More...]

Caption Competition

[Read more...]

Another Hint

Damian Thompson quotes Archbishop Myers (the one who is in charge of the Pastoral Provision) giving another hint that Rome is preparing a way for whole congregations or even whole ‘continuing denominations’ to convert to Rome. It is worth remembering that the Church of England is just one player in the Anglican Communion, and the [Read More...]