Blessed Sacrament Chapel

This is the new Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St Joseph’s Catholic School. This is where I say Mass most days. [Read more...]

St Elizabeth of Hungary

Wife, mother, widow, third order Franciscan–she gave her life helping the poor and needy–a Mother Teresa of her day. When we remember saints like her we have to ask ourselves what we have done for the poor. The most troubling gospel passage for me is the judgment of the sheep and goats.  If we have [Read More...]

Hate Mail and Temper Tantrums

Whew! hate mail from last week’s drama at St Mary’s is still trickling in. I am finding it very hard to remain polite, much less charitable. Pray for me please! There are some emails that are right from the pit. They spit with rage and fury. They are riddled with the worst profanity and blaspheme [Read More...]

Cardinal Stafford on Human Life

This links you to an article about Cardinal Stafford’s recent speech at Catholic University of America. Some sharp, prophetic words about President elect Obama and the cultural state of America today. [Read more...]

Win a Car!

My main job is chaplain to St Joseph’s School in Greenville, South Carolina. St Joe’s is a wonderful school. Just sixteen years old, it was started by nine families who felt called by God to start a Catholic school in upstate South Carolina. They started with $800.00 in the bank and nine students in a [Read More...]

Other Bad Stuff

Yes, we’re also not in favor of the death penalty. We think other forms of punishment are to be preferred and it should only be used in the most extreme circumstances. (CCC, 2266-2267) But while we are rightly opposed to the death penalty, it is worth comparing the killing that goes on in our prison [Read More...]