Which Witch?

Here is my latest article from National Catholic Register: Are Witches Real? [Read more...]

Nice Building-Shame about the Religion

This article explains how redundant churches in Britain are to be turned into multi faith centers, gyms, pubs and dance halls.  Britain has a huge problem with too many church buildings and too few worshippers. Added to the problem is an expanding and moving population. Often churches exist where there are no people and there [Read More...]

Happy Warriors

I was listening to talk radio (code for Right wing extremism) in the car the other day. This is my usual fare when not listening to the fundy preachers and country gospel music. The guy said he was ‘a happy warrior’. It stuck in my mind when reading the epistle today at Mass from Ephesians [Read More...]

Weep for a Biretta

Your blogger sporting a new biretta. [Read more...]

Real Missionaries

Fr Blake has this post and video about real, solid Catholic missionary work in South America. None of this flaky liberation theology junk. While I’m at it, when I was training in England for Catholic ordination we had a sixties type Domincan come to lecture us about sacramental theology. He was getting all excited about [Read More...]

Gianna’s Second Ad

[Read more...]