The Two Ditches

Fr Z. has a great post with two show stopping videos. It’s all about the extremes you can fall into when you disembark from the Barque of Peter. One is a video that has been making the rounds of an extreme left wing Catholic group celebrating Mass with oversized puppets and old ladies doing liturgical [Read More...]

Incorruptible – So What?

There is some low level fuss about the incorruptible (or not) state of the remains of Pope John XXIII and St Padre Pio. Roving Medievalist links to the undertaker who was called in to preserve the remains of both Bl. John XXII and St.Pio–pointing out that both of them are now embalmed, so the question [Read More...]

New Poem

A Student’s Plea No, no, Father, please don’t toss the mikelike a DJ when you preach. Please don’t be cool.Please don’t ride a Harley motorbikewhen you come to school. Don’t wear red cowboy boots for Pentecost,and tell dumb jokes to be our pal. Please don’t ‘high five’,say, “Sweet!” “Awwsome!” “You suck!” “You’re toast!”or teach us [Read More...]

Country Preacher

I have a confession: while driving around Greenville, South Carolina, I enjoy listening to our local gospel station. Now this is not your up to date, synthesized, plastic gospel music. I’m talking about the good ole fashioned gospel quartets, with a bass who growls like an old dog and a screaming high tenor. I’m talking [Read More...]

Aiken South Carolina

On Saturday I had the luck to visit Aiken, South Carolina to lead a day seminar on the foundations of liturgy for the people and servers of the parish of Our Lady. One of our new priests, Fr Jeff Kirby is the parochial vicar there, assisting Fr LeBlanc. It was great to be given such [Read More...]

High Schoolers Facing East

Six high school boys stayed after Thursday’s daily Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic School: “Father, why didn’t you celebrate Mass facing East today?” “I’m doing so on two days of the week, and on the other two the usual way. Do you like the Mass when I celebrate facing East?” “Yes.” “Why?” “It feels more [Read More...]