Protestants and Primitivism

One of the underlying foundations of the Protestant movement in the church has been Primitivism and Restorationism. Primitivism is the assumption that the early church was purer and closer to the essential gospel than that which accumulated over the centuries. Restorationism is the belief that Christians should attempt to restore the church to its original, primitive purity [Read More...]

The Cosmic Liturgy

Shawn Tribe has an excerpt here of the Pope’s Wednesday catechesis on St Dionysius the Areopagite. Bewdiful. [Read more...]

Suffering and Salvation

There are some Evangelical sects out there who shoot at the Catholic Church for teaching that suffering is useful in the process of salvation. We’re blamed for ‘not believing in healing’. It’s worth taking a moment to clarify the Catholic position. First of all, the Catholic Church has always believed in the healing ministry. That [Read More...]

Tolkien’s ‘No’ to Narnia

Read my latest article for InsideCatholic here. On the eve of the cinematic release of Prince Caspian, the article analyzes the different approaches of Tolkien and Lewis to Christian fantasy fiction. [Read more...]

Apologetics Tale

Patrick Madrid tells the story of being invited to publicly debate a very anti-Catholic Protestant on the subject of images in worship. Patrick won the flip and was first up to bat. He began by saying, “My opponent will try to tell you that the Catholic use of images in worship is at worst, idolatry, [Read More...]

The Two Ditches

Fr Z. has a great post with two show stopping videos. It’s all about the extremes you can fall into when you disembark from the Barque of Peter. One is a video that has been making the rounds of an extreme left wing Catholic group celebrating Mass with oversized puppets and old ladies doing liturgical [Read More...]