St Augustine

This is the 200 ft cross erected in 1965 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first Mass said on American soil. The Spanish priest recorded the event in his diary. He came ashore flanked by the soldiers, with banners flying and trumpets playing. From the ships in the bay the cannons were firing a [Read More...]

New Indy Old Indy

Took the kids to see the new Indiana Jones flick over the weekend. I think the best review said it was ‘Indiana Jones by number’. It was pretty formulaic. Kind of like they said around the table, “Right, where are we going to put the creepy crawly scene? How can we put in some snakes, [Read More...]

The Sacred Filter Down Effect

Fr. Z says, “Save the Liturgy, Save the World.” An overstatement by a zealous liturgy lover? Perhaps, but on the other hand, ask yourself why there is so little sense of the sacred in our lives. Why do young people not respect their elders? Why the disintegrating social manners? Why the foul language, the commonplace [Read More...]

Peaches Hot Dogs and Bad Taste

Geesh, I’m getting it in the ear for suggesting that the Gaffney Peach is ‘bad taste’. C’mon, it is bad taste, just like the hot dog car and those those bottles of holy water from Lourdes shaped like the Blessed Mother with the crown that unscrews. The question is not whether it is bad taste [Read More...]

Pretty Cool

How cool is this? I’m on a bus somewhere in Georgia as a chaperone on our eighth grade trip to St Augustine in Florida. The bus has a wireless connection, so I’m listening to Barber’s sublime violin concerto on my headphones, while still able to blog away to my heart’s content. I’m not complaining about [Read More...]

Gaffney Peach

The post on cherry picking led to comments about the abundant peach orchards of upstate SC. This prodigious crop has been immortalized by the famous ‘Gaffney Peach’. This water tower can be seen alongside I-85 a few miles north of Greenville as you drive to or from Charlotte. This is one of the things I [Read More...]