Rowan Williams’ Speech

Here’s a report from Archbishop Rowan Williams’ latest speech at Lambeth. It is an impassioned plea for tolerance, listening and unity. Someone has asked why I am picking on the Anglicans so much. First of all, this summer is a hugely historical time for the Anglican Communion. Whether they split up into a hundred pieces [Read More...]

Unity and Uniformity

Some critics of Catholicism like to point out that Catholics are also divided. “Look here!” they cry, “You Catholics also have liberals and conservatives. You have homosexual priests. You have women pushing for ordination. You have New Age theologians and the majority of Catholics ignore Humane Vitae, don’t believe in transubstantiation etc etc.”  Of course [Read More...]

The Subjectivity of Religious Experience

Fr Jeffrey Steel writes here on the slippery subjectivity of religious experience. He’s criticizing the liberal’s reliance on personal religious opinion, but the same criticism applies to all forms of Protestantism. What interests me is how the same types or arguments are used by conservative charismatic Protestants as the Liberals they so despise. Try this [Read More...]

Now For Something Very Cool

Last Friday was the Feast of St James. At Santiago de Compostella in Spain they use the six foot high thurible on the feast day.  Here’s a clip showing it in action. More from Creative Minority Report. [Read more...]

Waffle House

More waffle from Lambeth: This article explains a new proposal to discipline unruly Anglican parishes and dioceses. Parishes or dioceses that break the rules and ordain and consecrate homosexuals and have homosexual marriages could be ‘suspended’ from the ruling Anglican Councils and parishes and dioceses that break away to align themselves to orthodox bishops will [Read More...]

Definition of Anglicanism

Once again Damian Thompson highlights an Anglican detail that reveals all: He quotes the Bishop of Rossdale (who he??) “We have been a Church which has been held together by belief, as contained in the historic creeds, and not by agreeing to particular statements about that faith.” This is such a classic piece of Anglican [Read More...]