Therese Book Buy

I was sitting in a lecture in Oxford by my friend Fr John Saward when I was thinking of St Therese. I had just re-read the Rule of St Benedict and at the end he says, “I have written a little rule for beginners.” I thought, “Little Rule – Little Way”. I wonder if Benedict [Read More...]

Abortion and Racism

From Valerie Baronkin –South Carolina Upstate Pro-Life Co-ordinator: An interracial couple stopped by the clinic with their baby yesterday to tell us their story from a few years ago.. The girl’s mother brought her to Greenville Women’s Clinic. The girl saw the people outside praying and did not want to have the abortion and refused [Read More...]

St Jerome

“Therefore I will imitate the head of a household who brings out of his storehouse things both new and old…In this way permit me to explain Isaiah, showing that he was not only a prophet, but an evangelist and an apostle as well. For he says about himself and the other evangelists: “How beaautiful are [Read More...]

Fr Blake on the Angels

Fr Blake has a very eloquent little homily on the Holy Angels. I like this bit, “Angels extend the cosmos; they breach the cortex of our world. They slip between the presence of God and man, making God present to man and man to God.”  You can read it here. [Read more...]

St Michael and All Angels

What do I miss about England? Well, when I lived on the Isle of Wight in England I would go to Mont St Michel on retreat. I’d take the night ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and then hitchhike along the coast to the Abbey. What a fantastic place! At the time there was a [Read More...]

More on the Servers of St Mary’s

Someone has asked how to improve the band of servers.  I can only pass on the advice from what I have done at St Joseph’s Catholic School, and the advice from my friend and mentor, Fr Newman–pastor of St Mary’s. My own knowledge on this is supplemented by watching Fr Christopher Smith and Dn. John [Read More...]