Charity for Anglo Catholics

I have read comments and posts from Catholics in comboxes on other blogs which reveal ignorance and a lack of charity towards Anglo Catholics. Catholics need to be reminded that our ‘separated brethren’ are not all in a state of conscious heresy, schism and rebellion against Rome. Many of them have received their faith in [Read More...]

If I Were Pope…

…I’d ask Bishop Alan Hopes, a former Anglo Catholic priest who is now auxiliary of Westminster to head up a personal prelature to help integrate Anglicans worldwide into the Catholic Church. He (along with a team he’d choose) could organize their instruction, the re-training of their clergy, regularize marriages, grant dispensations from the vow of [Read More...]

Clarity for Anglo Catholics

This message from Anglican Bishop Edwin Barnes is astonishing. Bishop Barnes was one of the so called Flying Bishops in the Anglican church. (He’s now retired) These men were appointed to minister to Anglo Catholic congregations and clergy who could not accept the ministry of women as priests. The Church Union is a confederation of [Read More...]

Anglicans on Anglican Agonies

Link here to a website where conservative Anglicans write and comment on the crisis in their church. This siteĀ is a blog by liberal Anglicans on the issues of the day. Notice they call their site ‘Thinking Anglicans’. I love this. It is so typical of the liberal elite. They are the ones who ‘think’. All [Read More...]

Checklist for Anglican Tiber Swimming

In 1994 I was an Anglican priest on the Isle of Wight. I had a wife and two young children. We lived in a beautiful Victorian vicarage in the country. I had two beautiful Norman churches to look after. (Brading Church pictured above) My church was growing. My congregation were loving and kind. I wanted [Read More...]

Light from Fides et Ratio

It’s ten years now since JP2′s encyclical Fides et Ratio. It is a great analysis of what B16 calls ‘the dictatorship of relativism’. Part of the encyclical analyzes the underlying assumptions in our relativistic society which contribute to the relativism of our day. The four types of thought which Pope John Paul discusses are: eclecticism, [Read More...]