Beach Work

Being the sort who finds sitting on a beach sizzling to be one of the most boring things in the world, I have developed a tradition of building ever larger sand structures with the kids.  This year we built ‘Clock Castle’. This one’s just for you Roving Medievalist… [Read more...]

Interview with TAC

David Virtue has an interview with Bishop John Hepworth, the head of the Traditional Anglican Communion. David Virtue is a conservative Evangelical Anglican who operates the biggest Evangelical conservative news service online.  Hepworth is the head of the worldwide, 400,000 strong, Traditionalist Anglican group who petitioned Rome last Autumn to move toward some form of [Read More...]

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Greenville has a terrific ballpark for the local minor league team. Fluor Field is situated downtown, and is a small, retro-looking baseball field. We’ve been to two games this season. It’s a perfect outing for the family for a summer evening. The only problem is, it’s difficult to remember who’s on first… [Read more...]

Missing Person Reported

Regular readers of this blog may have noted the disappearance of Catholic-gone-charismatic-sectarian, James ‘Captain’ Hastings. According to his latest comment he is no longer ‘reading and contributing’ to this blog. His withdrawal co-incides with my blogs on charismatic snake handling, the Toronto Blessing and Benny Hinn. Rather than defend these ‘signs and wonders’ that he [Read More...]

Episcopal Convert Priest Blog

Here is the blog of Fr Ernie Davis, a former Episcopal priest, now a Catholic priest.  [Read more...]

NCR Article

Here’s my latest for National Catholic Register. It’s a further analysis of the Anglican Agonies. [Read more...]